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  1. Ralphred

    Jankiest Thing You've Done?

    Four that qualify 1: No space for internal CDROM, bolted external case to the chassis, drilled through and made permanent IDE external unit 2: No adaptor for 2.5in-3.5in IDE, solder 22 odd strands from a ribbon cable direct to a manky old IDE drive to test, worked for years. 3: Wrong video plug on the end of a hardwired monitor, cut plug and re-solder to the correct plug, worked for ages until I had to switch it back then... 4: Dodgy plug on monitor pulled to much power through GFX card blowing motherboard PCI power rail. Re-worked plug, and jumper burnt tracks, worked for a long time after. My most dodgy failure, vacuuming a live MB, dog comes and drops slobber covered ball into open case, motherboard died, dog survived.
  2. Ralphred

    Need Server OS

    I understand why, but RH's GUI management tools are some of the better ones available IME, even their menu driven command line stuff was ahead of the competition at the time (dunno if they still have those tools). Either way, here's my 2c for CentOS.
  3. Ralphred

    Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”

    This sort of analysis is going to become more and more redundant, the evolutionary pressures that favoured certain traits in certain roles prevalent in primitive societies no longer exist in the western world, such selection no longer takes place. No it isn't, but those you do find will be pre-disposed to find the reward system of such activity more rewarding than the average. It's a shame, because gaming is the ultimate meritocracy, if you are working with a team no one really cares who you are, only that you can play as well as your peers. Bringing gender politics into gaming was and is a mistake, and a detriment to the gaming community as a whole.
  4. Ralphred

    Can't get rid of brower hijacker

    Well, it has to be a consideration, and we all know who they learned that type of behaviour from. The drop in development cost has to be a consideration too. Web browsers have become behemoths of code over the last 10 years, I'm not saying they were ever small, but chromium (the browser), firefox and the webkit (chromium based backends) are now among the most demanding packages to compile I have on my system, when you consider some of their competition in the "demanding code" area are fully fledged assemblers/compilers it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, and the question "when did http become so big, I used to download Voyager over a 56k modem?".
  5. Ralphred

    Can't get rid of brower hijacker

    Yeah, and lots of other people use the back end, which is basically chrome with all the google stuff pulled out. So starting with *webkit style browsers is a good first step re:google removal, but then putting trust in MS seems antithetical to the first step. But hey, depends what your goal is.
  6. Ralphred

    Can't get rid of brower hijacker

    I'm not sure I trust MS to slurp up any less data than Alphabet
  7. Ralphred

    Batch script guides ?

    sed 's/\([0-2]\?[0-9]\?[0-9]\.[0-2]\?[0-9]\?[0-9]\.[0-2]\?[0-9]\?[0-9]\.[0-2]\?[0-9]\?[0-9]\) , /add action\=drop chain\=forward src-address\=\1 src-mac-address\=\!/' Network.txt That should work for any valid IP/MAC pair, if you keep the same syntax. Belt and braces would be to regex the MAC too, and do some input sanitation (filter out empty line comments etc) Could just as easily be done in perl, tho that seems a bit overkill for simple search/replace regex. Powershell does have some match capability, but it's criminally under documented.
  8. Ralphred

    Dealing with Depression

    There have been some good points in here OP, and I want to add a couple of thoughts for you. When you go to your doctor, I guarantee it will not be the first time they have had people describe similar situations to them. You can see it in their body language and they way they respond to what you tell them. This can be a great comfort to you at the time because it gives you confidence in your decision to meet with them, use this to tell them everything, they are the gatekeeper between you and all the services your country offers to help people like you. I completely understand your hesitance to use medication and have two things to say, I've yet to come across any that has a permanent effect, there are some medical intervention therapies that are semi-permanent, but you shouldn't allow the fear of permanence discourage you. Secondly, if you have no desire to become dependant make this clear to your doctor, it's perfectly acceptable to just want to use them as a jumping off point, a short term solution to helping you do the things you need to to not need them anymore. If at any point you find that the effect (intended or otherwise) certain medications have on you unacceptable, express your concerns straight away with your doctor and don't take no for an answer. Overcoming depression is like climbing a hill, the sooner you start the sooner you reach the top and get to freewheel down the other side, it gets easier...
  9. What's really odd is that you don't have Canonicals keys in your EFI vars, technically you shouldn't be able to boot the 4.18 kernel either. The lack of "manufacturer" key is what's stopping you saving "BIOS" settings. What environment were you in when you installed the 4.15 kernel, 4.18 proper or USB boot disk etc?
  10. I don't read it that way. The ICNIRP only quantifies exposure in the guidance (how depends of the frequency range) so to refer to a level assumes a level of exposure, not a level of harm. With that in mind it reads as "There are even risks with exposure levels below ICNIRP exposure guidelines". Further proof on this would be reading the guidance's "Quantities and Units" section, which at no point quantifies risk or harm. IMHO if they want to test this shit then do it on top of the executive HQ building, and make sure to have lots of forms of interference to make the most of the harmonics.
  11. What errors are reported when you try either of these things, especially efi-readvar -v KEK ? The fact you are booting a USB means at some point you have subverted secureboot.
  12. I'm gonna respond to the OP and say no, and put forward the idea that all capslock keys are removed from users under the age of 35.
  13. Ralphred

    I have to go to a school dance someone help me

    The opposite will probably happen, your experience and knowledge will take over the more nervous you get, you'll be 3/4 of the way through, then suddenly realise you are having a good time.
  14. Ralphred

    Need clearer Video on my Security System

    This is not true, iirc Samsung were the first to offer 1080 and 720 HD over existing BNC/Co-ax infrastructure w/o IP conversion. Just because it's BNC doesn't mean it conforms analogue PAL/NTSC standards. That said you do need to be careful with compatibility, many HD cameras will have local analogue outputs that are PAL/NTSC compliant for engineers etc. Samsung DVR's were notoriously bad, especially when fully loaded, try it with better settings using fewer channels. Hik is the cheapest camera I'd ever recommend, and even then you have to be careful, like not using fixed iris cameras in areas with natural light etc. As far as IP cameras and internet security, I can't think of any manufacturers products I'd allow in a DMZ; do everything to prevent outside communication, like adding no or a bad gateway, delete DNS settings, disable everything you are not using like telnet/ssh terminals, ideally put them in their own network/VLAN and only let the NVR exist in the real network.
  15. Just waste their time as much as possible when they call, you soon get blacklisted.