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  1. Khader87

    Bad gaming performance on high end rig.

    all up to date
  2. hi, i have the below rig i5 8500 strix vega 64 16GB 8x2 @2666mhz 13-13-13-30 2560x1080 ultrawide monitor seasenic gold 650w im playing assassin's Creed Odyessey on medium high settings, volumetric clouds is set to low. i get 20FPS drops in some places specially inside town and cities which is annoying even with freesync is within range. same with total war Warhammer 2 and Saga, i get major fps drops to 30s on medium high settings which is even more annoying, it happens in battles on few armies 10vs10 whcih becomes unplayable and i need to zoom out to move my units. is it my pc? i checked my pc parts on youtube for those games and i need to get higher and more stable frames? others AAA games runs way better.
  3. Khader87

    Sluggish gaming within freesync range

    temps are fine. usage is almost 90% on both cpu and gpu. gpu is running at 1600mhz on core and 1100mhz on memory.
  4. Hi, i have i5 8500, Vega 64, 16GB DDR4 @2666mhz and LG ultrawide 2560x1080. freesync range 40-80. When playing assassin's Creed Odyessey, i get almost 80FPS in most places, but some places i get frams drops to high 50s and i can feel the mouse and gaming becoming sluggish and not smooth, its like if FPS is below 60 the game will become sluggish which is extremely annoying. i got freesync setup to enjoy smooth gaming. other games dont notice that much slugginish.
  5. Hi, why console frames are steady at 30 fps no matter what, however pc fps is volitale and have many frame drops? thanks,
  6. Hi, i once had ps3 and ps4 and used to play games like GTA 5, CoD ghosts...etc on 30FPS gaming was very smooth with no stutters. on PC, gaming on lower than 50s FPS feels sluggish and slow and can be very annoying even on freesync its feels sluggish within freesync range on low fps. what is the reason behind that? why not gaming on 30 or even 50 FPS feels smooth!!
  7. what about seasenic focus gold 630? they have good ratings?
  8. what do you mean by group regulated? you are the 1st to criticize seasenic PSU?
  9. thanks for your help. i shop here in my country. www.citycenter.jo my budget is limited to 100 max
  10. Hi, i have the below rig i5 8500, usually consumes 50w strix Vega 64, usually consumes 250w 8GBx2 DDR4 2 SSDs, 1HDD 6 120MM RGB fans PSU: Thermaltak smart se 730w a friend of mine told me that my psu will burn other components, and will damage the GPU phases and GPU internal components due to poor power delivery to the GPU. is that true? and do i need to change the PSU? is seasenic 630w plus gold sufficient?
  11. Hi, Recently i got new pc parts and assembled them, i5 8500 Asus Strix vega 64 8GBx2 DDR4 Predator 2666mhz, 13-13-13-30 Gigabyte M360M Thermaltak smart se 730w PSU. using thermaltak pcie gaming 3.0 extender for GPU mount. im hearing coil whining, like a bee nest inside, come and goes, the weird thing is sometimes when I click the mouse the whining disappears for seconds, sometimes i notice stuttering in the same time the coil whining disappears. a friend of mine told me my gpu is weak to handle the rig, the same reason i get low Benchmark performance on 3d mark and userbenchmark. userbenchmark: below expectations. 3d mark: 23000 points, others get 25k easy. all temps are fine, all set to high performance. other parts are doing just fine on benchmarks. shall i change the PSU, for better performance and less whining?
  12. Hi, i ran 3d mark, fire strike benchmark on my vega 64 and i got relatively low score around 23500, same card with same core and memory clock and sometimes lower are getting much higher score. i tried manual and defualt overclocking with almost same results, gpu usage and temps are fine, no spikes. i have i5 8500, thermaltak smart se 730w PSU, GPU is standing vertically using thermaltak gaming pcie riser/ extender. pcie is set on gen 3 in bios, all set on high performance. what could be the issue?
  13. Hi, Currently I have Gigabyte B360M DS3H motherboard with two sticks of ram 8x2=16GB DDR4 Hyperx Predator running at 2666mhz. Userbenchmark shows that memory bandwidth on multi core is 32GB\s only, while the CPU i5 8500 can handle upto 41GB\s, isnt that low (32GB\s)? (screenshot attached) If i bought new two sticks 4x8=32GB, will this increase bandwidth and performance and can my board handle it (below from mobo site), i might need the upgrade as available memory is only 13GB and some multiplayer games can take upto 10GB 4 x DDR4 DIMM sockets supporting up to 64 GB of system memory Dual channel memory architecture Support for DDR4 2666/2400/2133 MHz memory module timings of the rams is 12-13-13-32, that why i have low latency. thanks.
  14. Hi, i have DDR4 8GBx2 hyperx predetor running at 2666mhz with i5 8500. current timings 13-14-14-32, as per user benchmark results i get 33GBs memory bandwith on multi core 28GBs memory bandwith on single core 51ns latency. my friend told me to increase timings to get better bandwith but worse latency. is that right? increasing timings gives better bandwith but worse latency and vis versa? which is better for gaming bandwith or latency?