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  1. Hi, I have a question, i know that LLC should provide the CPU with the needed voltage, but when i use lvl 7 the CPU draws 1.41v, changing LLC to lvl 3 voltage draw drops to 1.3v, noting that no performance increases noticed only higher temps. shouldn't the CPU draw voltage as it need? not what is being provided? I have i7 9700 @ 4.5ghz - 4.6ghz on z390 board. LLC: CPU Load Line Calibration
  2. Hi, I just bought i7 9700 with z390 chipset, the cpu is drawing 110 watts @1. 35v - 1.40v, 102.7 BCLK. the temps on CPU intensive games reaches 80c, i have xigmatek 240 AIO cooler, fans reaching full speed of 2000rpm, tried to remount thr cooler still have the heat problem, is it normal? safe or something is not right?
  3. Hi, I have i7 9700 non k, BCLK @102.7, 8 cores running @4.52ghz to 4.62ghz depending on the game. i noticed that the CPU is pulling 1.35v upto 1.41v and 115 watts on intensive CPU gaming, LLC is set to 7 (max) other related voltage settings on Asus ai suite is on maximum as well. is this voltage ok? also temps are at 70s, rarely reaching 80c, is this normal too? its on AIO. my board is asus prime z390m thanks
  4. Hi, I have i7 9700 running on Asus Prime z390 board, i noticed that i get power limit throttling in hwinfo? although all power related option are at the highest! i took screenshot below to assist me. thanks.
  5. Hi, So, I read and I asked and still cant get straight confident answer to my question. Does overclocking BCLK damages the PC on 9th generation intel? , PCIE, USB..., as OCing it will also OC everything not only CPU and DRAM, is it safe, is it not?....!! Another question, what's the max I can get on 9th generation intel + z390 board?
  6. Hi, I have i7 9700 non K on Asus Prime z390 board, 16GB DDR4 @3600mhz @CL17 and Strix 5700xt. The CPU BCLK IS @ XMP Default of 102.3Some games like AC ODYSSEY runs all cores @4.5ghz TW: Three Kingdoms @4.6ghz Planet Coaster between 4.5ghz and 4.6ghz The Division 2 - 4.5ghz - 4.6ghz. i used to have i7 4790 and all cores were running @ 3.8ghz all the time ao this is weird for me. voltage is auto, HWinfo report 1.35vcore max, temps are in 60s max. Asus multicore enhancement is set to auto, cores are set to 47 multiplier, current is sett to max 255, iccmax is set to unlimited wattage, on benchmarks it draws 135watts. i get above expected results in userbenchmark and 3dmark. 19500 on firestrike and 9800 on time spy. isbthis normal or not?
  7. Hi, im running i7 9700 on z390 motherboard @4.5ghz - 4.65ghz depending on the game on Asus Z390 board. DDR4 16GB @3600mhz @1.4v. XMP pre-defined profile is setting BCLK @102.3, is it ok? i read that increasing BCLK will also increase PCIE and USB speed and damage them! what should i do? is it safe? what is the max safe BCLK i can use?
  8. another question plz. can i run turbo boost 4.7 on all cores using z motherboard on non k CPU?
  9. so their is a risk of killing the motherboard if BCLK increased?
  10. i read that new intel gen, increasing BCLK will not affect PCIE lanes
  11. Hi, i have i7 9700 with base clock of 3.00ghz and turbo at 4.7ghz on one core and 4.4ghz on all 8 cores, changing BCLK to lets say max allowed of 102.9, this will effect single turbo or all core turbo, how is it calculated? i still didnt get the z390, just asking to know. thanks.