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  1. Not sure how well you can see it but there always seems to be a line going through the screen/ pixels missing or some shit and was wondering if anyone knows why. Started randomly one day and only happens when I watch streams on 1080p Also, only happens on Twitch streams, doesnt happen on Youtube or when gaming.
  2. Okay, never mind, I fixed it. For whatever reason it changed my boot drive to my newer drive and didn’t give me the option to change between them
  3. Yeah, I see it says boot option 1 with my drive that has windows on it, then below it says boot override and has all of my drives
  4. Yes, before I did the cap thing it showed a3
  5. It still sits on a black screen after leaving the bios
  6. Also when I start it up the little screen that shows error codes says A3
  7. What does it mean by re enter data?
  8. Ok well I hit it and it didn’t do anything, is it the butting underneath the start button and the little thing that shows error codes on the mobo?
  9. So when I start up my computer it shows the screen to load the bios every time. I go into it and just go straight to the end and click discard changes and reset but now my pc just sits at a black screen the whole time. Anyone know why this is happening?
  10. Also I'm currently sitting at 60 fps +/- in Apex Legends with my ram being at 80-90% usage. would that cause my fps to drop as well?
  11. so it would or would not be a good idea to buy it?
  12. So I'm currently using 1 8gb stick of ram and am thinking about buying the exact same stick again so I can have 16gb. My question is would this make a big difference in gaming? Ram is also running at 1866mhz
  13. Motion

    2 monitors

    oh sweet, thank you