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  1. Thank you Then, when the time finally happens, I will do my best to find someone who is able to remove it (not that easy in the remote area I live in), knowing that it is okay at least if it is not swollen. Thanks all for the explanations !
  2. Hello, I was wondering something. If you have a laptop that has a dead (or almost dead) battery, say a 10 years old laptop, that you use plugged in the wall. Is it dangerous to keep the dead lithium battery inside? If removing the battery is too hard, for instance. Thank you
  3. I will, thank you. I will tell her that if she wants a small form factor, she'll have to accept having a bad battery life. Thanks for the precision. I kinda always assumed that because the screen was smaller, the battery consumption was also proportionally lower, but i guess it is not a linear thing.
  4. Thanks for all the advices! I checked the specs and prices of all the phones you mentioned, and I think the Galacy s8 is the prime candidate the A40 being a second, cheaper choice. I'll be waiting for the upcoming sales and will keep my eyes opened. Thanks again
  5. Yes sorry, I should have been more precise about my location. I live in France. The store that is the most convenient is www.amazon.fr , there is also www.cdiscount.com , www.boulanger.com . But anything goes I guess... Thanks for the time you are investing in this, really appreciate that. I wish I had kept up with smartphones for all these years...
  6. Under 6" is an absolute size, I mean, i do not have any very precise size in mind other than that. Above 6" is too big, and the closer it is to 5", the better, if you will. A decent battery life is hard to determine, I set this requirement to exclude devices that are very well known for having a battery that is considerably worst than others. It needs to not die for 10 hours while being used moderately to not very much. Again, this kind of things is extrely hard to evaluate with precision for me. About the camera, she is using an iPhone, i believe it is the 4th but it could be one generation higher. Something slightly better than a Huawei P20 lite or a Honor 9 would be great. Something that is sharp and accurate... "enough". I don't have precise measurements for that either. I would take any recommandation, and then check the devices and make a choice. It's ok if some recommandation do not match my actual requirements, it still gives me ideas. Sorry for not being specific enough, I can't really be for things that are at least partially subjectives, and because I wont be the user of the phone. But thanks anyway though
  7. Thanks a lot, your post is incredibly helpful. I think you're right about old gens. I personally have an Honor 9 and just changed its battery rather than switching, because it's awesome for me. The reason why I did not really consider older gens is that I am worried about battery life. Even if she bought it new, the battery surely would have taken a hit by staying in a shelf for 2 or 3 years, wouldn't it? That coupled with the fact that I'm not too sure about this phone's future... But I should probably consider older devices from other Android phone builders. I will check that, and the galaxy 8. Again, my thanks.
  8. Hello, I'm looking for a phone for someone who wants to switch from iOS to Android. Requirements: -Having a decent battery life -Having an OK+ camera, good enough to take pictures while visiting places without it looking too bad -Being "small", under 6" (I know nowadays it's not easy to find...) What she does on the phone: -Sending messages -Reading and sending mails -Taking (non-professional) pictures It does not need to be a fresh new model, however, because of the shenanigans related to Huawei, I think it could be safer for her not to get one. She is not tech savy in the slightest, and i'd rather have her not worrying to much about it. Thanks!
  9. I'm tempted by the matte black one, but i feel like if it gets a scratch, it will show more than on the platinum one. Any ideas? Anyone with experience with the Laptop 2 or other aluminium laptops?
  10. I'm not complaining about my job, and well, I could just use normal shortcuts but I have to copy and paste things every three seconds so it's just more confortable to not have to use the keyboard, it's smoother Thanks, this mouse is beyond my budget unfortunately
  11. Hello, I'm looking for a mouse that is wireless, has two additional buttons to map Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to, and a wheel. The size doesn't really matter (for once), but not too small would be nice. It is only for web browsing, office work, etc. No gaming whatsoever My budget is around 60$ / 55€ Any idea for a model or brand? I currently use the logitech G403 one, an love it, but it has a wire. Thanks!
  12. Hello, Because of the unusual 3:2 screen ratio of the Surface Laptop 3 15", I'm struggling finding a sleeve case that would fit it without the sleeve being too big to prevent it from moving too much. Dimensions: 13.4” x 9.6” x .57” (339.5 mm x 244 mm x 14.69 mm) If you have any product or brand suggestion, that would be wonderful. Thanks!
  13. For me, it is not worth getting a duo for that, but I actually think it is a good point and a good example of use case.
  14. Personally I've never needed a TB3 port. I know i'm not a tech specialist, but i'll be fine with bluetooth and the type A usb port for peripherals. For everything else, the USB C port is pretty versatile. You can still be charging your laptop while using it. For things it does not do, there is the jack port for audio. And yes, you wont be able to use an external GPU without TB I guess, but there are a lot of way better options for gaming anyway. Sure, you can be disappointed to not have it, and it can be a deal breaker for you. But just as Mr moose said, it is just not a big deal for the majority of people. If it actually is, they will sell less units and might think about adding it.