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  1. Ok, Just a bit of a faff having to spin them up every few months... seen as I'm going to be storing them at a different house. Did consider a NAS but the data I'm storing will only need to be accessed maybe once every 2-3 years so seems a bit wasteful.
  2. Allthough having said 300GB... that's likely to go up to a few TB in a year or so...
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys, It's probably around 300GB so not a huge amount. It's the kind of data that I want to just dump onto something and forget about. If I were to store it on HDD's, I assume I'd need to spin them up every year or so to keep them moving? Also, how long do HDD's last when being used for this scenario?
  4. I didn't actually consider that.... do you mean like a 2.5 ssd in a USB enclosure kind of thing, or a flash usb drive? What's the longevity on SSD's?
  5. I'm looking at getting some blu ray disks to archive some old family pictures and videos onto. What's the most appropriate format? I'm finding the different types quite confusing... Tia.
  6. Hoping someone can help with this as I feel like I'm missing something here.... I want to create a custom windows 10 install, for use on a bootable USB drive or Disk (I don't need this for mass deployment over a network or anything, just with a few PC's). I want to save time on having to click through the prompts on the standard windows 10 installer. Maybe have a few power settings already set up to my liking, and a few small applications pre-installed. It also needs to be separate/clean from any hardware specific drivers or anything that may cause compatibility issues so I can install it on any PC. Is this possible using bootable USB/Disk or would I need a windows server environment with network boot etc.? Can't seem to find a simple solution to this online without overkill stuff.... Tia.
  7. Ah looks like those extra threads are needed then. I got it up to 4.4 last night on 1.4v and its a little better still.... almost to a point where it's playable now... might be able to get away without the upgrade.
  8. I know the one you mean, that did improve it a bit. Also switched to vulcan helped a tad.
  9. Yeah. Just noticed they've added Vulcan support which does seem to help a little. Might see what I can OC to on 1.4v but just concerned about CPU longevity...
  10. Yeah its at 4.2, its a bit of a cactus CPU though, cant get it much higher (1.3v)
  11. Looking forward to the new league next week but I'm getting a lot of really bad stutter in high density areas, literally enough to die from. Noticed it's when my 3570k 4.2Ghz hits 100% usage... ouch... Does anyone know if POE scales well with more threads? Was thinking of plopping in a 3770k if i can get one cheap. Tia
  12. Hi Guys, So I've got speedfan set up to start with windows via task scheduler. It works fine and shuts the fans up but it only runs as a background task - it doesn't load the SpeedFan UI or icon in the system tray... only shows as a process in task manager. Does anyone know how to get it to start automatically but actually show up in the system tray? I like to have the GUI open to monitor temps on my 2nd monitor. Thanks!
  13. Not much at all, 500GB to start with, going up to 1TB in 5 years or so. It's pretty important and I'd ideally like a solution for more than 10 years. How long to tape drives typically remain OK?
  14. I'm looking at archiving some of my data I don't really need on hard drives as I only access it maybe once every 3-4 years. I was thinking of backing it up to disks, maybe DVD or Blue-ray? Recommendations? Value orientated! Tia, Duck.
  15. Hi All, how do I fully wipe an m.2 nvme drive to sell? It's the only drive in my PC at the moment, and I don't have another PC with m.2 slot in the house. Is there a command you can enter on a windows installation disk or something? Tia, Duck