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  1. thanks guys, then i will get what ever is affordable :)
  2. Hi all I want to buy msi b45i itx ac gaming with ryzen 2600 but the problem is that any memory that i want to buy is not on supported list on their site. I am looking for cheaper set of 2*8 3000 or 3200 memory. Should i be worried if i get memmory not on the list? ill give few examples Corsair Vengeance LPX schwarz 16GB DDR4 CMK16GX4M1D3000C16 Kingston HyperX Fury Schwarz 8GB HX432C18FB2/8 G.Skill Aegis 16GB DDR4 16GISB K2 Kit (2x8GB) F4-3000C16D-16GISB Would any of these or all of them work on this board cpu combo? Thanks!
  3. Mrak

    two compact hardware store builds :P

    yeah me too! because it wasnt really well though off or planed, i added plexy and top cover later becauseits on the floor and if you look at it from birds perspective its not much to look at and as a consequence heat would get traped up top altho its open, so i put this fan on velcro for easy on off. only to move some air. i did thought of grille but couldnt get my hands on one so far.. aand i will remove this gpu and put 750 ti, smaller, no nasty wires and much less heat/more quiet i guess the other one needs gpu support more but its easy to showe a small piece of same wood in there
  4. These two are made of two cheapest pieces of wood one can find, a fist of screws and other stuff i found lying around. And a little time. Why? Well, the light one was in a case the size of a house and now its taking less then half the size then before and takes less then half of table and its quiet. Its phenom x4 955be 3.9 with gtx 760 10 gigs of ram. Its only 22*28cm The dark one is q9550 3.30 7 gigs of ram and a gtx 560. It was in a small case but when i put together the first one i thought ok lets do it again. It was in a small but ugly case, since its use is as a htpc in a living room i thought it would look better. Ok, one might argue its look but it is unique . 22*24 cm but a little taller then phenom Only downside is, both need dusting from time to time but i aint scared of geting in there with vacum cleaner. Thinking of getting asrock ab350 itx and ryzen 1600 or 2600(or 1700/2700) and since those are as cheap now as they get, and making a build as small as possible.. 1060 itx possibly verticaly on an extender cable ah yea i forgot, power and reset switches are from ebay, 5v on lighter one so connected to led conections on board, 12v leds(my mistake) on dark one so i had to connect them to psu, thats why i left orange hdd led on the bottom
  5. Croatia, it would be used for multimedia and budget is about the same as for that one.. I know its not a great model but now i am curious why is it a bad model? i was thinking either 2500u or 2200u ssd 256 and 4 or 8 gigs of memory whatever fits the budget, but saw there are allready new cpus.. why amd? they are faster for the money in the low end.. there is not so many amd laptops to choose, only these hp, some acer and lenovo models.. 15" (17 would be nice but i think its out of price range) weight is not important battery as long as it is not bad its ok, lets say average battery, to be honest i have no idea on how long do laptops last on battery these days, never had one before
  6. i want to buy HP 15 6WR29EA or similar from this series, but its very unclear if this thing can be upgraded with one more stick of ram of 4gb.. anyone have this one or similar 2500u or 2200u hp laptop(they are mostly the same) that can confirm or deny if its possible to upgrade? thanks
  7. I want to put asrock ab350 itx + ryzen 1600(maybe 1700) in cougar qbx(if i can find it anywhere) case but i am worried about noise. So as small and as silent as possible. So how is the fan noise in that case? thanks:)
  8. Mrak

    weird ssd problem

    I was thinking of replacing them with crucial bx500 250gb wich is also a cheaper drive but now i am kinda worried it might do the same thing
  9. Mrak

    weird ssd problem

    Kingston is A400 and Adata is SP550
  10. Mrak

    weird ssd problem

    Hi all, I have been googling like mad but cant find a thing about this. I have 3 ssd's, 128gb adata, 128 gb kingston and 256gb 850 evo.. I have some hdd's also but they are not importat to the story. The problem is both 128gb ssd's slow down to a crawl(30-50mb/s) after exactly 4gb writen..i tried every combination i could think of hdd to ssd, ssd to ssd, copying with explorer, with total commander, win 10, win 7, linux, two different computers.. So,its not really a crazy big problem, just quite annoying when moving bigger files cos my hdds are like 3 times faster than that. And samsung 850 evo does not have that problem. So anyone knows why they that? Is there any solution or is it a "small and cheap" drive syndrome? thanks :)
  11. j7 2016 if speed or screen res is not an issue.. its big, cheap, amoled and ohh the battery.. :)