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    PC stuff and Gaming.
    My 5 Kids, yes one as young as Linus's...lol..
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    In the Worlds before Monkey,
    Primal chaos reigned, Heaven sought order.
    But the Phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown.
    The four worlds formed again and yet again,
    As endless aeons wheeled and passed.
    Time and the pure essences of Heaven,
    The moisture's of the Earth,
    And the powers of the Sun and the Moon
    All worked upon a certain rock - old as Creation,
    And it magically became fertile.
    That first egg was named Thought,
    Tathagata Buddha, the Father Buddha,
    Said, 'With our thoughts we make the world.'
    Elemental forces caused the egg to hatch,
    from it then came a stone Monkey.
    The nature of Monkey was irrepressible!

    Born from an egg on a mountain top,
    Funkiest Monkey that ever popped,
    He knew every magic trick under the sun,
    Tease the Gods and everyone can have some fun.
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    Carer for my wife who has a rare cancer


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    I7 4790k @4.4Ghz
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    Asus Maximus VII Hero
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    G-Skil Trident X 16GB 2400Mhz
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    Gigabyte GTX980 G1 Gaming
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    Phanteks Enthoo Primo
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    6TB Mixed Storage
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    Seasonic 1200w Platnium
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    Benq XL2720Z
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    Corsair H110
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    Corsair K70
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    Logitech G9x
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    Audioengine D1 DAC
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  1. Schoolofmonkey

    Skylake-X AVX offset fun

    Realistically using a 4Ghz AVX/AVX512 offset is fine even if you're OC is higher. Even 4Ghz gives you better benchmark numbers than the previous generations. Not setting an offset on a moderately high overclock can cause the dreaded phantom vrm throttling or kick in over current protection. On my 7820x I have them set to 4Ghz though 4.3Ghz AVX is fine but why generate extra heat and power draw. This was my power draw with everything on Auto, no AVX offsets and the XMP profile set. (7820x/GTX1080ti in Realbench, 500w full system load)
  2. Schoolofmonkey

    Luke Personal Rig Update - Geodude

    I'm curious hows the x99 Strix going? Personally I've been through 3 boards and 2 6900k's. The boards keep killing themselves and taking the cpu's with it. Got rid of mine, went back to a 7700k/IX Hero rig until Skylake-X drops.
  3. Schoolofmonkey

    Overclocking 7700K

    Man you can do 4.8Ghz with way less voltage than 1.4v, I'm running 4.8Ghz@1.25v using a Kraken x61.
  4. Schoolofmonkey

    5820K vs 6800K

    You've got to remember clocks are the be all end all, you have to look at the architecture. My 6900k@4.2Ghz will out perform a 5960x@4.4Ghz but remains cooler. I originally had a 5820k, but it would't overclock any higher than 4.3Ghz, most only get 4.5Ghz and that's we a awesome overclocker. Where the 6800k@4.2Ghz (the average) is around if not beats the 5820k@4.5Ghz in synthetic benchmarks, but who's running synthetic benchmarks all day. So if you're just looking a bragging rights on core clocks, get the Haswell-E, if you're looking for better performance and benchmark scores on lower clocks get the Broadwell-E.
  5. Schoolofmonkey

    Very slow boot time M.2

    No turning on Fastboot on a X99 system using XMP is bad, very bad, the system will not train the memory correctly which introduces stability problems. Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but have you had much experience with the x99 platform, I really don't recommend suggesting to anyone to just go fiddling in the BIOS and "turn things off" if you don't know what you're doing. I'll tell you straight out, there is no way to speed up a x99 cold boot other than fast boot, and that's not recommended unless you're running stock 2133Mhz (Haswell-E) or 2400Mhz (Broadwell-E) DDR4 as there's no overclocking on that ram. I went through all this when I first built my X99 rig 18+ months ago, my wife's 4790k machine boots quicker, but again it's not and advanced as a X99 system.
  6. And then we need to factor in ram speeds, this also can lead to a better Cinebench score. What I've notice is that with Broadwell-E it seems to handle higher frequency ram a lot better, but has a weaker memory controller needing a higher VCCSA voltage, but that allows for the higher frequency ram to keep the BCLK at 100Mhz instead of 125Mhz +. My runs are done on a 32GB 2800Mhz C14 kit, so it's not going to yield the top scores. Either way the main reason I went from my 5820k was because it was a shit overclocker, I couldn't get anything over 4.3Ghz out of it (not to mention the MSI Gaming 7 board I was using was utter crap), so I opted to go with 8 cores and a New Strix board. I was looking around for a 5960x second hand but no one was selling any locally. But I agree with the what you're saying, if you're not going out of major overclocking scores the Broadwell-E makes more sense, there's a few benefits to BW-E. In the end though you really can't go wrong with either CPU for gaming or virtual machines, though VM's love ram but going 8 cores would benefit more than 6..lol
  7. Nah no problems here, we can interpret things differently..lol Here's my Cinebench Results, it also includes my 5820k results. The 6900k is only at 4.2Ghz and cache 3.4Ghz, as soon as I get some custom water on it I'll try for higher. Yeah that would be me on the "other forum", some of those guys go extreme and have same good insight to fine tuning systems. I think as they update BIOS's on the Broadwell-e focused boards we may get higher, but early days yet. Cinebench 15
  8. Schoolofmonkey

    Very slow boot time M.2

    No, X99 has a long BIOS cold boot time, there's nothing you can do in the BIOS settings to "speed it up", if you enable fast boot all the BIOS does is bypass memory training which is VERY BAD for memory stability. I have 2 x99 systems both have a longer than "consumer grade" hardware BIOS boot times, it's normal.
  9. Schoolofmonkey

    Very slow boot time M.2

    Joy's of X99 mate. You only count from when you see the dot circle, all the other time before that is X99 related memory training etc etc. This is quiet normal.
  10. Schoolofmonkey

    Is my M.2 Slot dead?

    What is your complete setup because the M.2 port shares bandwith with the PCIEX8_4 slot so if you've got something in there it won't pickup the M.2 drive.
  11. I went from a 5820k to a 6900k just recently and even at the small 4.2Ghz overclock the 6900k beats the 5820k hands down in single core performance. Can't compare multicore fairly because the 6900k has 2 more core..lol The 5930k isn't that much faster than the 5820k, you're paying for the extra PCIe lanes. Don't be fooled by the smaller overclocks on Broadwell-e, even with those overclocks people are getting close if not equal to Haswell-E chips overclocked higher. Though Broadwell-E cache doesn't overclock as high, but it doesn't seem to be affecting overclocking results. Honestly I'd go with the Broadwell-E, if you already had the Haswell-E CPU I'd say stick with it, but as this is a new build go with the newer tech What motherboard were you looking at, personally I'd recommend the ROG x99 Strix, but there's always the big daddy RVE10...
  12. I don't have the exact setup, but have worked with the Noctua NH-D15 and top located PCIe slots. It will be tight, and you might find it touches the GPU's backplate. The beauty of x99 boards though is you can move the GPU down to the 3rd slot (as that's the second 16x PCIe slot) and it will work just fine at 16x.
  13. Schoolofmonkey

    980 Ti price cuts are happening

    Local retailer here is selling them between $899au and $1000au still, the GTX1080FE is $1199, so it's really not worth buying a 980ti new here.
  14. Schoolofmonkey

    MSI 1080 GTX Gaming X Issues, here we go...

    Ah coil whine/buzz (as I call it). I first experienced this when I upgraded from a GTX670 to a GTX780ti, I had multiple brands all did it (eVGA, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Galaxy), finally when the GTX980 came out I thought that I could buy on of them and they wouldn't suffer from it, well all my GTX980's had coil whine, the Gigabyte Windforce was the worst. So when the GTX980ti came out I upgraded to one of them, the first 2 I had (both Gigabyte) had coil whine my wife could hear on the other side of the room, ended up getting (strangely enough) a MSI GTX980ti Gaming, it had no coil whine, just really sucky temps, swapped it out for a eVGA GTX980ti Hybrid which again had no coil whine. So basically after 7 cards from different manufactures I finally got one that doesn't have coil whine. It's not just MSI, any cards can suffer from it, it's the main reason I wait before buying new GPU's now, not on release date. :-) Here's a few I recorded over the time (it's a playlist):