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  • Birthday 1973-02-11

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    Månsarp, Sweden
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    Retired Network Engineer and Teacher


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    AMD Ryzen 7 - 2700
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    HyperX Predator RGB DDR4 3200MHz 2x8GB
  • GPU
    KFA2 GeForce GTX1070TI EX 8GB
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    Fractal Design - Define R6 Black TG
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    Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 SSD 500GB
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    Corsair RM850X V2 850W
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    AOC C32G1
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    Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop
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    Logitech G602
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    Onkyo 8 channels
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    Windows 10

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  1. LinusOnLine

    Why are Cell Phone bills in the U.S. so high?

    I was thinking of the roaming fees. I think it is rather similar between Finland and Sweden
  2. LinusOnLine

    Why are Cell Phone bills in the U.S. so high?

    It does not really have anything to do with size and everything to do with how EU and many European governments laws regarding what the cell companies have to do and are allowed to do. It is cheap to use cells pretty much everywhere in the EU and many of the cell companies are EU wide which would actually compare rather well to the states. As usual Americans are being lied to
  3. NetOnNet sales people do not know more about hardware than the average person does. Some of the people at technical support knows a bit but not much more Great place to buy stuff but do the research somewhere else.
  4. Never listen to sales people. Not even in local stores. Still never met anyone that had any idea what they were talking about. What local store was it?
  5. LinusOnLine

    Suing a harassing players in video games

    Harassment in Sweden is criminal law so no need to sue anyone. The justice system will do it for you.
  6. LinusOnLine

    Extrenal vs Internal Soundcard?

    HDMI in to a good amp. Does not get much better than that.
  7. LinusOnLine

    nobody replying. ...

    Perhaps if you posted in the right board?
  8. LinusOnLine

    Windows network shares (sigh)

    I see a lot of people saying this but to be honest I have never had a problem with it. It could be a bit messy before if you did not understand workgroups.
  9. LinusOnLine

    Question about careers in I.T.

    Thing is if you have both the experience and the certs you earn a lot of money and at least in the IT consultant industry having certifications gives your company many advantages and access to partner programs that they want. Also if they have a partner program that is dependent on your certification they are likely to keep you in front of pretty much everyone else. I was often paid a lot higher than the bosses at the company was and much was thanks to my certifications. Edit: You will most likely need one of the higher certifications for this though. Like an MCSE, MCT from MS or at least as CCNP from CISCO. With an CCIE you can more or less set your own salary though. It is one of the highest sought after educations within Networking. An A+, Network+, MCP, CCNA and so on will not do this for your career though. It has to be one of the higher Certification tracks out there.
  10. LinusOnLine

    Question about careers in I.T.

    From what I understand they are harder to take today. Back when they came out and I took Security+ it was at the level of what is SSL and why do you need a firewall Network+ was like MS Network Essentials light and A+ was also very easy. Passed all of them with no studying what so ever in the 90%+ score. CTT+ was harder since you had to do a video demonstrating teaching techniques and send it in. If I were not retired today I would so go for the CCIE! I love the idea of doing a lab exam.
  11. When you agreed to send the one you got back. That makes it theft.
  12. LinusOnLine

    Not sure if this is technically Tech News worthy

    If he had sold it as is it would have been ok but he sold it as working. I think pretty much everyone I know would demand a refund even after more time than that. Might be because of consumer laws in Sweden though.
  13. LinusOnLine

    Not sure if this is technically Tech News worthy

    I do not think the time matters if you have claimed something is working and it does not work.
  14. LinusOnLine

    New router, no internet connection

    Sounds like the IP was reserved for the old routers MAC adress. Something I have not seen in over 10 years.
  15. LinusOnLine

    Looking for a modem for gigabet internet

    A definition of what you mean by a modem, coaxial, fiber and Ethernet is so needed here As you describe it what you need is a router. But then all of a sudden you link to a dsl modem? I am so lost as to what you are talking about