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    Prince Norris

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    I like routers
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    I give advice about networking. I'm a realist, you won't win a discussion with me.


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    Microsoft Windows 10

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  1. PrinceNorris

    How to check gigabyte gpu if its opened. Fastttt please

    But it doesn't cover any screws. Is it possible to be a warranty sticker not to damage during teardown?
  2. PrinceNorris

    LEGO meets Overwatch

    Here's some LEGOs for nerds. I really like where LEGO is heading with this new post-LEGO Movie animation style. What do you think about this LEGO set? In my opinion you can make yourself some cool action figures if you are a big fan. Or even some high noon stop motion movies. Will they make loot boxes?
  3. PrinceNorris

    How to check gigabyte gpu if its opened. Fastttt please

    There is usually a white sticker on one of the screws holding the cooler down. The four big ones in the middle. I guess it has been opened.
  4. PrinceNorris

    Which networking hardware vendor do you prefer

    They gave you the one branded by them or the original from manufacturer? There is a difference sometimes. ISPs like to introduce their own software and it's usually worse than stock one.
  5. Got myself a broken AC52U. Time to experiment...

  6. Which "hardware-selling" company is your best bet when it comes to usability, security, performance, etc. It would be nice to see some arguments to back up your opinion and probably one model of some hardware that really got your interest in the particular vendor or you happen to use it. Obviously you can choose multiple and write about each of them. Their pros and cons when it comes to software, support or the hardware itself. For me it would be ASUS. Their routers may be expensive but they offer significant performance boost over others. I don't know how much can I trust the TrendMicro's AiProtection feature but I guess it's useful. Have been using the DSL-AC68U and it works great. Reaches the peak of my connection speed, quickly reconnects to ISP when it drops, and has a very good wireless coverage. I may not like the "candy" interface of the ASUSWRT but it has all the features I need and they are usually easy to find. In the case of interface I would go with the old TP-LINK (you know the very old) based on simple rectangles. I don't pay too much attention to the looks of the hardware but... ASUS looks good.
  7. "And the first thing I will do after I am elected is whichever city gets the most likes will receive a big thumbs up statue."
  8. You put your PC to sleep or shut it down?
  9. PrinceNorris

    YouTube - Bad Comments Can Demonetize Your Video

    RIP music companies having to get through the comments.
  10. PrinceNorris


    No game is for noobs if you enjoy it. I enjoy Roblox no matter what others say. It's a really creative platform but I will never learn Lua.
  11. PrinceNorris

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Because Samsung S10
  12. I'm waiting for someone to publish a Punch Cards Breach.
  13. PrinceNorris

    Cryptojacking apps discovered on Microsoft's store

    8 is still better than [insert number of all Android apps]
  14. PrinceNorris

    Oh wait, I am old enough!

    Government joined the chat.