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  1. That's weird. Have you tried giving it another try? And to be clear, you are using the built in Windows defragmentation tool, right?
  2. True Nevertheless, I guess it is just some kind of interference. Needless to say, it is not high priority issue to fix, unless it kills your screen which it clearly doesn't.
  3. Have you tried putting different objects or just touching the screen? Looks similar to screen cable problems. Try external monitor and see if the issue persists.
  4. You may have to recover your Surface by making a Recovery USB. Take a look here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4023512/surface-creating-and-using-a-usb-recovery-drive The touch screen should work during this procedure.
  5. Check for any fan options in the BIOS. Some laptops tend ot have a setting that makes fans spin at the lowest speed whatever the temperature is.
  6. That is OneLess™ reason to buy those phones. Or stay with the original ROM. Try LineageOS, they support most of the OnePlus ones if not all of them.
  7. This is an utility vehicle. It does not need the looks. Function over form is what matters.
  8. I do not expect many of you to know this site, but nevertheless, it deserves to be mentioned that WikiDevi has gone offline on 31-10-2019. WikiDevi was a wiki for all kinds of networking devices from routers to switches, repeaters, IoT devices, microcomputers and even some phones. It featured rich information about the products and specific information about the components inside of devices. Various kinds of CPUs, RAM and modems in particular gave the user more information about expected performance of the device than the manufacturers webiste. It also gave the users information what kind of alternative firmware is available for the specific device. You can say it was something like OpenWRT's Techdata sites with a difference being that WikiDevi contained all kinds of networking devices. Despite the lack of any reputable news sources, below is the official notice by the WikiDevi itself which has been visible for some time before the site went down. Hopefully this counts as a source. The official dump of the website can be found on the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20191031174547/https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Main_Page For me personally, WikiDevi has been an excellent source of hardware of the networking devices as it gave me (and others) extensive information about the device. It was especially helpful when choosing a new router to buy. The site lets you see which devices used the same chips. It provided information about the processor cores, architecture, date of manufacturing and much more. It also gave you information about whether the Serial port for flashing alternative firmwares was soldered or if you had to solder it yourself. I do not know the reason behind the site going down. I'm sure there are other sites just like this one. The one example that comes to my mind is Whirlpool Hardware Database https://bc.whirlpool.net.au/bc/hardware/ If you know any others sites just like these ones, I would be grateful if you share them below.
  9. @yaboistar @Noah0302 @DoctorNick Thanks for the explanation. Not that I was worried about it but it seemed unusual.
  10. Buckle up because this is a good one. Imagine this scenario: 1. Power supply is turned off, no power in the computer. 2. Flip the switch on the power supply and the computer immediately turns itself on, fans begin to spin BUT it doesn't boot and shows nothing on the screen. 3. After 2-4 seconds it turns itself off. 4. And you have to press the power button now to make the computer boot up normally. Is this some "I check if I have power stuff" or is the motherboard broken in some way? I have tried it on other power supplies so it has to do with the motherboard. BIOS updated and restored defaults, all cables checked and connected, CMOS replaced and still has the same issue. The motherboard is DQ45CB from Intel. To be clear, it does not affect the usage in any way, but nevertheless, I think it should not act like this. And the next "big thing". When a dedicated GPU is plugged into the system, the south bridge (the one closer to the CPU socket) begins to squeak continuously whenever the system is idle. Without the dedicated GPU the motherboard is silent. That said it can also be a problem with the south bridge but I leave it up to your expertise.
  11. What if your food got cancer and you helped it by ending its existence. bIg BrAiN TiMe.
  12. "Oh I am sorry that you can not find your drivers, guess you will have to buy newer hardware."