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  1. LinusFan21

    240GB SSD Only shows 107GB avaible

    I can't. That's the point of this post.
  2. Hi everyone! I just upgraded my laptop my putting a 240GB SSD and its only showing 107GB. It has more than 100GB unalocated space and I can't extend it. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply! The 2020m stays below 63 Celcius under full load so I'm guessing that it can handle another 10 watts for sure.
  4. Hi everyone! I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-a laptop and I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade its CPU from a Pentium 2020m to an i7 3740qm. I found on Ebay the 3740qm for under 100$ Also the Pentium 2020m has a 35 watt TDP and the i7 3740qm has a 45 watt TDP, will I get any other problems other than thermals? I know that it's physically possible to do this but I've been on a site that says it only has a 13% chance to successfully work. What does that mean? http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/CPUs/Intel/Pentium_Dual-Core_Mobile/2020M.html Thanks!
  5. LinusFan21

    Laptop CPU heat pipe not working.

    Quick update guys. I just closed my laptop back plate and now I am getting no more than 63 Celsius running a stress test for 30 minutes. I ave no idea why having the laptop internals exposed made the machine throttle 50%+ I am extremely confused and shocked but whatever floats your boat I guess...
  6. LinusFan21

    Laptop CPU heat pipe not working.

    Thanks for the replies! The CPU has no problem transferring the heat to the heat pipe. Also it is one piece between the hot and cold parts. There is the whole heat pipe system on Ebay for around 15 USD I can buy. Here is a screenshot of the inside of the laptop I took from one of the disassembly videos.
  7. LinusFan21

    Laptop CPU heat pipe not working.

    Hi everyone! I have a Toshiba Laptop C55-a model and I am having some serious thermal issues. I just replaced my CPU thermal paste with some arctic silver 5 and I am still seeing massive thermal throttling. I am running my laptop opened up and I realize that the part of the heat pipe that the CPU is below is very very hot but at about the end of the pipe where the fan and the heat sink is the copper pipe barely has any heat to it. The air coming out of the laptop is basically cold. Does that mean that the copper heat pipe is bad and I need to replace it? Thanks!
  8. LinusFan21

    External RTX 2080 for old Pentium 2020m laptop

    Thanks for the info! I'll try to do some research on that subject before making any type of decisions. I appreciate people like you.
  9. LinusFan21

    External RTX 2080 for old Pentium 2020m laptop

    Thanks for that reply! In about a week I will need to do to the doctor to see what type of special pills I will need. Apparently they are supposed to reduce the depression and get my concentration back. I don't really know what to expect.
  10. LinusFan21

    External RTX 2080 for old Pentium 2020m laptop

    Ok then, looks like I will have to live with my potatoes. Anyways thanks for helping me make a decision. Always appreciate you guys
  11. LinusFan21

    External RTX 2080 for old Pentium 2020m laptop

    If I pay 20$ to bump up 6gb RAM to 8gb, Pay 80$ for a quad core CPU, and then 60$ for the external GPU adapter that will cost me around 160$ https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Pentium-G4560-vs-Intel-Core-i7-3630QM/3892vs626 That CPU is similar to the popular Pentium G4560 and I've seen people play games on them. So even for 160$ you think it's just not worth it?
  12. LinusFan21

    External RTX 2080 for old Pentium 2020m laptop

    Thanks for the replies! My My PC was confiscated because of bad grades, I used to have top grades until depression hit me. Anyways I is it possible to upgrade my CPU laptop to maybe a quad core i5 or something?
  13. LinusFan21

    External RTX 2080 for old Pentium 2020m laptop

    Thanks or the reply! Why would it not be possible?
  14. Hi everyone, Recently I had my gaming PC confiscated But I have an old laptop with an intel pentium 2020m, 6gb (1x2 1x4) DDR3 RAM, 500gb SSD (I upgraded it) Toshiba satellite C55-a. Is it possible to remove my RTX 2080 and PSU out of my gaming PC and hook it up with my laptop using that thing Linus used in his external GPU for old laptops video? I can remove my wifi thing and use a usb internet dongle. If it is possible what kind of games will I be able to play? (I do understand it is a crazy bottleneck) Anyways love you guys!
  15. Thanks guys! I will talk bout this to the technicians and inform you guys about what hapenned as soon as possible! I'm just curious, whats the point of a malware that does this kind of stuff? Who would spend their time to program such a useless piece of malware?