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  1. These look great! Totally less awkward looking than just tubes through a grommet lol. Could you explain the concept up a part in the loop to let air in? I’m very new to water cooling. Would I just be able to have a part of the loop near the top to let air in?
  2. Hi, I’m planning a loop so far and I really want to have some of the hardline tubing for my loop go through the rubber grommets in the case into the back (mostly for ease of maintenance). Do I need special fittings for such a thing or am I just going to shove my tubing through the case? For reference my case is the Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic
  3. Do you have any brand of glass wax that you prefer?
  4. I just got the lian li pc-o11 case and either through shipping (or me messing up) I have teeny scratches on it. Google says toothpaste can buff it out but idk about that. Suggestions? Side note, what do you all use to clean your tempered glass panels?
  5. I guess you’re right haha. But I’ll do some stress tests to see if there are any significant problems and return it if there are. That seems like the idea. Thank you and everyone else!
  6. Hi everyone! The micro center near me has a real good open box deal on a i9-9700k. It’s like $336 with manufacturer warranty and microcenter’s 15 day return policy (which is very good from what I’ve read/heard). Is there any reliable way of testing it to check for red flags? If anything I might consider adding micro center’s two year warranty on it (which is only $25 so still cheaper than their brand new price).
  7. Tusci

    Difference between 100hz and 144hz

    Makes sense to me. I play also play overwatch so this was really good to know. Thanks!
  8. Tusci

    Difference between 100hz and 144hz

    That is totally fair. I updated the original post but the cost difference between 100hz or higher is anywhere from $100-$300 dollars. Could you elaborate more about that "what you can see" part?
  9. Has anyone went from a 100hz monitor to a 144hz monitor before? I'm currently on a 75hz monitor and looking to upgrade. Is the difference worth the price? EDIT: The monitors I'm looking at are ultra wide monitors and the difference between 100hz and 144hz is about $100-$200 dollars
  10. Tusci

    RTX 2070 or GTX 1080

    For used, as long as the original packaging is there I should be able to claim warranty in most cases right?
  11. Tusci

    RTX 2070 or GTX 1080

    Ahhh okay. I didn’t realize the 8700k was enough for even the RTX 2080 Ti. Sucks that the gpu GPU investment is going to be a few hundred dollars more but it’s better than downgrading the cpu imo.
  12. Tusci

    RTX 2070 or GTX 1080

    I feel like a 1070 ti doesn’t really match the performance I want for the total price of the build ($1700 ish range). That’s a fair point. Do you think it’s a little unbalanced with an 8700k and a 2070/1080? The graphic card is probably what I’m purchasing last, so I don’t mind saving up to go the whole nine yards.
  13. Tusci

    RTX 2070 or GTX 1080

    So I’m planning out my new build and found that these two different cards are pretty close to each other in terms of price. I haven’t seen a whole bunch of data but from what I’ve gathered the RTX 2070 is just slightly ahead in terms of gaming benchmarks (but correct me if I’m wrong). I’m planning on using an 8700k while gaming at 1440p. I do some video editing in the side, but my computer usage is mostly gaming. Which do you all think will be a better option?
  14. Tusci

    White MoBo for 8700k?

    Could you elaborate on that more? I don’t quite understand. EDIT: I’m not very knowledgeable on pc hardware, so I’m a little lost in what that means.
  15. Tusci

    White MoBo for 8700k?

    Ugh I wish the nzxt board was actually worth the price tag. Guess I’ll stick with that asus board.