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  1. asd2000

    is this a good monitor ?

    thanks for your suggestion i am sorry i didn't mention it but i want an ips monitor so pb277q doesn't interest me as for viewsonic i think 32 inch monitor would be too big for me as i sit very close to the monitor there is a 27 inch model which got the same price as the monitor i think on buying so i could afford it but can you tell me please if there is any particular reason i should avoid buying vz27aq
  2. asd2000

    is this a good monitor ?

    i plan on buying this monitor here so is this a good choice ? i aim for 1440p 60hz casual gaming if there is any suggestions in the same price range i would appreciate it
  3. asd2000

    what would be the better monitor of these two ?

    got 1070 ti so i think i can handle 1440p so in terms of quality and life span you think this model would be a good choice ?
  4. asd2000

    what would be the better monitor of these two ?

    it will be mainly used for gaming
  5. https://www.amazon.com/AOC-Q3279VWFD8-2560x1440-DisplayPort-FlickerFree/dp/B07CG41Y8Z/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 or https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-Monitor-Ultra-Slim-Certified-Adaptive-Sync/dp/B01NAQ9M7E i know the aoc one seems the better deal with being 1440 also bigger but i also care for quality and i think asus would be the better brand i can get the asus monitor with about 100$ less than aoc
  6. asd2000

    suddenly my pc was running very slow

    i was using afterburner while i was gaming to monitor gpu and cpu temp and usage also fps suddenly a huge fps drop happened also cpu and gpu usage went down like they don't get enough power to work i closed the game afterburner part ended i opened task manager closed all other apps but still my pc is so slow noticed nothing unusual except for the system process power usage being very high while in normal circumstances it is very low or low restarted my pc everything is back to normal hope it is clear for you now after this incident i used my pc for about 12 hours nothing happened till now so hope it was just a one time thing thanks for your concern
  7. asd2000

    suddenly my pc was running very slow

    i was monitoring gpu and cpu with afterburner while i was gaming when my pc lagged i closed the game opened task manager it showed the high power usage for system process everything else was normal still my pc was very slow so do you think this memory leak was one time thing or it could be an indicator for a bigger problem
  8. asd2000

    suddenly my pc was running very slow

    yes gpu cpu ram and drive usage were all normal i was using task manager only system process power usage was very high also when this problem started gpu and cpu usage went down as well while i was playing i was using msi after burner so maybe it is a power related problem as they were not getting enough power to work so i had the fps drop and slow problem
  9. i was gaming suddenly i had a big fps drop and it didn't go back to normal my temps were normal for cpu and gpu i closed the game still i had serious problems using pc it was like something is draining all resources opened task manager nothing unusual there i closed all apps but still the problem exists but i noticed something strange that system power usage was very high all other usages are normal like gpu cpu but only power was very high for system process i restarted my pc and everything is back to normal but i fear that this problem may happen again so what could be the cause for this
  10. asd2000

    volt guard for pc

    hi all i want to buy this device to protect my pc from surges https://www.sollatek.com/products/voltguard-isense/ i have 2 questions first i have no grounding so will this device work as it should without ground ? second my psu is BitFenix Whisper 650w in specs it say that current input is 10 amp but the max current for this device is 7 amp we use 220v so will the 7 amp be enough for my psu ?
  11. when i boot pc i see on mobo orange green white led in order for about half second for each one then pc boots normally is that indicates any problems ?
  12. asd2000

    my case got electric current

    wish i could do that if i used ups would it be any useful for me ?
  13. asd2000

    my case got electric current

    thanks for your help sir so if it is not possible to rewire the house and make it grounded is there any easy way to ground my case and somehow protect it ?
  14. asd2000

    my case got electric current

    so is that dangerous for my components ?
  15. this light is always on even before i press power button and start booting what does it mean ? everything is working fine for now mobo is asus b360 pro gaming