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  1. thehuntsmanreturns

    GPU overheating Motherboard?

    UPDATE: After under-vaulting my GPU, all issues resolved.
  2. thehuntsmanreturns

    GPU overheating Motherboard?

    Thank you, Just ran crystaldiskinfo it said my HDD (used for media and games) is Good while the SSD (where the OS and simple frequentl;y used apps like Spotify and chrome are) as unknown?
  3. thehuntsmanreturns

    GPU overheating Motherboard?

    Hello, right so, my system (specs below) has been exhibiting some weird behaviours ever since I got a new Graphics Card, namely USB 3 ports I use for WiFi and Bluetooth dongles get extremely hot at the system can sometimes unmount and remount them causing really annoying Windows notification sounds that loop. Upon inspection, these USBs are extremely hot if taken out and inspected during said behaviour. Another kink my system is showing is extremely long (not sure how long as I've always just resorted to the power supply switch) shutting down and rebooting times. Any suggestions or advice, please? Specs: I5 2320 Intel Stone motherboard from 2011 16 GB ddr3 RAM 500gb HDD 120 SSD New GPU: AMD Radeon R9 390 Fans: 3 fans on GPU 1 fan directly ontop of CPU 1 rear fan built into case 2 front facing fans also built into case.