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    Toronto Canada


  • CPU
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    16gb 2400
  • GPU
    GTX 1050ti
  • Case
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    126ssd+1tb 5400rpm
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    Razer Ornata
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    Logitech G503
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    Windows 10
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    Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567
  1. Thanks man! Also, any difference if I wanted to change the GPU? I have never touched a Radeon card in my life
  2. Yeah the build costs is around 250 CAD
  3. Thanks man. I'll name drop them as extremepc.ca based on Guelph, ON... ouch
  4. These are the parts available from the site. I wanted to finance it but I wanted to confirm it to people. and yeah... RGB Thank you
  5. Well, These are the only ones available because my credit is basically doodoo water. and also Im building it myself for experience and labor costs.
  6. Hi there! I am from Canada and I always wanted to switch from gaming laptops (yes shhh it's only GTX1050ti) to a full-Gaming desktop. Since after my credit went down due to stupid decisions (now solved), my only available option is this site. Is it worth it? I was comparing it to the BLD from NZXT and I feel like I'm getting robbed before tax. Thanks people! By the way I wanted to finance this. :)