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  1. What GPU you use paired with 9900k? Overclocking CPU and changing to faster ram will give some FPS higher, but not something out of this world. Ultra graphics put a heavy load while not giving a huge upgrade in visuals, so play around with that (especially anti aliasing, shadows, draw distance etc.). Only games (that come to my mind) where you will be able to reach 240fps are the first person shooters. And even then, not all of them...
  2. Almost definitly won't find anywhere "cheap" until later after the release of the game, unless some dude pre-ordered and then got into relationship with a girl who hates video games. ;D Even then, RDR2 is worth sacrifying a gf.
  3. Most of the games you can play with controller and have fun. Different topic is performance and consistency. Takes much longer (and not for everyone) to reach high level with controller and even harder to set up fast consistent laps. If the game has support for console, it will have playable settigns for the controller on PC. Assetto Corsa is a simulator, so I would recommend going for more "arcady" titles if you are into racing. E.g. Forza drives perfectly with a controller and many people even prefer controller over the steering wheel on it But if you always wanted to try, give it a try, it will definitely be playable. You can also check for controller settings online to change sensitivity, deadzones etc.
  4. Just search for ray tracing benchmark "game name" and you will find it. e.g. https://www.techspot.com/article/1793-metro-exodus-ray-tracing-benchmark/ Metro exodus https://www.techspot.com/review/1759-ray-tracing-benchmarks-vol-2/ BF5 https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/shadow-of-the-tomb-raider-pc-graphics-performance-benchmark-review,8.html Shadow of the TR There aren't THAT many games that support it. Some games have ray traced shadows only, others reflections etc. There are some new games that will support it including the Cyberpunk, CoD. I am myself a 2080ti user and can say that it takes quite some time for game developers to release performance update patches till FPS is okay-ish. With DLSS performance is improved, but for many users including myself the blur is just too much. I use ray tracing (1440p) in shadow of the tomb raider, (ultra settings), metro exodus (also ultra) and get mostly ~60FPS which does not bother that much in single player games. In case it bothers I just drop some settings a bit down without losing much of graphical quality.
  5. What cable are you using? Do you have the Gsync correctly set up in Nvidia panel and freesync on in monitor settings? Gsync on, vsync on in global settings, FPS capped using rivatuner or similar? Cheers!
  6. Was gna say check connections with PSU. Glad you solved it
  7. I would also suggest trying the 1440p, as this is to-go for the majority of the market and something that actually feels like improvement over the "ancient" 1080p rez. However, if it is possible for you, why not take the 240hz, try it and return it if you don't like, or do the opposite and take 1440p to try and return Monitors are somewhat hard to recommend as everyone has their own preferences and different "vision", when it comes to resolutions, refresh rates etc.
  8. In addition to my previous comment, from blurbusters. And are your monitor drivers up to date? https://www.blurbusters.com/g-sync-4k-144hz-is-here-the-asus-rog-swift-pg27u/ *DisplayPort 1.4 is limited to 98 Hz (without DSC) in 10-bit colour at the full 4:4:4 chroma resolution, which is what one should use for general Windows desktop, but for full-screen games it’s perfectly fine to drop to 4:2:2 and go all the way to 144 Hz. For day-to-day desktop use, 98 Hz is plenty, or one can drop color depth to 8-bit.
  9. Some troubleshooting. Is the DP cable 1.4? or 1.2? Did you try with 8bit instead?
  10. Envit0


    As @charbel1011 mentioned. Those are best settings to have proper gsync and not experience any lag caused by v-sync if you do not cap frame rates. As for fps and refresh rate, if your monitor is 144hz having more than that makes zero difference, just more load on your system, as monitor cannot show higher. And if you have gsync on with v-sync on in global settings without capping frame rates, once game reaches 144hz and above v-sync will kick in causing input lag. Hope it clears it up!
  11. Are you upgrading from 2060 super? Not sure if that is actually worth the upgrade considering you have a decent card already. In any case if you do want to upgrade, pretty much all cards with reference pcb's (cheaper versions) will have a waterblock available. E.g. list https://www.ekwb.com/configurator/waterblock/3831109815878
  12. If this happens once per your 40 minute test and is not present in games, why spend time investigating? Could be scene change, power drop etc. there are thousands of other factors that could cause a power to the card fluctuate.
  13. If I recall correctly only Pascal and Turing based GPU's support the adaptive sync (freesync). Meaning 10xx and 20xx series. Don't think there were any drivers yet released (nor planned) that support the 9th series. What is your primary pc? As for display port, the 1.2 will be limited to 120hz.
  14. Yea.. The "1MS!" "400 HDR" should overall be eliminated from marketing Pretty much two points you can completely ignore. As for GSync - Freesync, I know that after update the range increased from 48-144fps (with DP 1.4) which should cover more or less everyhing if you have decent rig. From my personal experience I saw 0 changes going from Gsync monitor to freesync one besides lower amount on the bill and ability to have higher refresh rate. Maybe others have more input on that
  15. If 200eur is not an issue for you I would go for the LG. Newer panel, nano-ips, higher refresh rate etc. Lots of positive aspects. If I remember correctly Acer X34P (or the X34) also had pretty bad quality control over the BLB which led to many people go for the AW rather than Acer.