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  1. What monitor do you have? If it is less than 180Hz more FPS will literally do nothing. And yes it will most probably be CPU bottleneck.
  2. how about instead of spending cash on parts + breaking something in the process, you just buy a bigger PC case, maybe mobo and you are able to fit everyhint you ever wanted in it and not go deaf?
  3. First time I ever hear that panel's make it hard to read text. Ultrawide is great, VA is great if you are not working with super color accuracy required tasks for which IPS would be better, Lg27GL850 is one of the top 27 inch monitors with great panel. If you would be choosing between let's say two 27 inch monitors, people could recommend one over another, but here the two are completely different markets, so really hard to give an opinion on that. As for programming, I know that vertical space is useful, so unless gaming, do not see the real benefit of 34inch (especially since you have a second monitor). For media and games though, ultrawide is another level experience compared to simple 16:9. I would go for ultrawide as you get both worlds in one.
  4. Question that was replied quite few times already I believe.. All depends on individual basis. Do you own a GPU now? Can you wait for ~~ 6-7 months? In general, yes new will be better, but that depends on price/performance etc... At the moment, not much is known. If I did not need a GPU right now, I would wait, if I would need, 2080 is at the moment one of the top range GPUs
  5. Well the acrotray.exe is technically a process of Adobe reader, but since it is opening loads of instances in your background it looks more like a virus. Do you have an anti-virus system? If not, might be a good idea to back up ur files and re-install windows
  6. Well 144hz is not something that much better than 120hz.. So not sure that was a great investment (unless size etc.). Does your laptop not have DVI port? As for laptop vs desktop, check for how much you could sell it and what you could build with that cash. In general, if there is no issue with traveling, space etc, desktop always has an upper hand price/performance wise
  7. IT should max out at around 160F. Highly suggest not to run any benchmarks nor games until you solve the problem. Check for contact, I had an issue where the mounts on back of the mobo were too long and pump was wobbling around. It has to be firm, but first to which connectors did you plug in your Kraken's pump + fans? What is your mobo?
  8. Envit0

    Pick one?

    Yea, but HDR on monitors without FALD and 1000nits does not even come close to actual HDR and is more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. + LG also has HDR. Anyhow, both monitors are great, I would probably also go for Aorus Suggest to check websites like: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/gigabyte/aorus-fi27q https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/lg/27gl850-b They run same tests and give quite detailed feedback. Can't go wrong with any of the two!!
  9. Pixels become wayyyyyyy too visible at that size. Personally, even 27 inches 1080p for my eyes is pain.
  10. Same for me. Was working fine, got an nvidia update like 3months ago, stopped working in some games, windowed fine, full screen not and vice versta etc. Thinking of switching to either proved compatible or just gsync..
  11. In general you loose some freesync2 extensions which effect HDR, but they are very very minor. Like auto switching between HDR and SDR (what you do manually), low latency HDR processing blabla. Most of it im pretty sure is just marketing to buy AMD rather than Nvidia...
  12. Splitter. Is this fan used just for airflow in the case (intake, exhaust)?