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    profesional @ playing with / breaking shit


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    RYZEN 2700X
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    MSI RTX 2080
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    NZXT S340 ELITE (R/B)
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    samsung 970 evoPRO m.2 x 2, SUMSUNG 850 EVO 250GB + 2X 500GB WD +3TB ?
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    PHILIPS 47PFL7606T/12
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    gogi / RIG
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  1. they say gigabyte cached server so i supose gigabyte switches when i asked what games they didnt give much info other than csgo but it also said local and online play and i put it to them that if 32 ppl or even 16 of them try to play online on that bandwidth and they just went on the defencive, i wasnt trying to belittle them or anything just wanted a clearer picture, but even then they quote 80mb dl and 20 up but being only 20 miles away from the location and doing my own research the comparable sites all say a maximum of 50-67 mb/s maximum speeds and we all know that meeting said max is often a different story all together and more often than not its a lot less so like i said if 32 ppl decided to jump online and play cod or something would it be viable / playable
  2. buzzinkeegs

    lan party

    so a local lan party is coming together, after researching the event location has a max internet connection of 80mb down /20mb up and they are looking to host 16 people minimum max 32 from this one connection is this do-able i confirmed the speeds with the host also info https://ironlan.co.uk/events/ironlan-1-we-love-you-3000?fbclid=IwAR1hLxOfCf8ZxldME5RCdn22Z8Re8jyDMt6jAUB5QpcVsvJ2hgxAfDAZjFc
  3. Ye old spagetie junction to sort out first lol ?
  4. @Kaldek could u be a bit more specific about the hardware u have as some motherboards have a setting in bios plus it might help u get more answers from the comunity
  5. latest windows doesnt like any usb mass storage device attached check to see if u can change the mount to a diferent format is all i can think of
  6. when ever i try this i just get a message when i try to conect to the vm saying video remoting was disconected ? iv googled and cant find a solution that works so gave up and just went bk to host blocking
  7. @Mathieu9836 try ddu the graphics driver in safe mode and reinstall it after a restart. gigabyte wont help u coz the issue ur having is with your amd graphics card , understandably their update sent it to naff but they defo wont help u with a product thats not theirs https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  8. @pmudzengi are they both the same spec clock wize and which slots are u using and try reset the bios
  9. @moriel5 thats cool i get u but its quite easy to use task manager and force close the containers when u dont need them but on my rig the resources arnt realy a problem and to be honest iv been trying out other streaming software ie stream labs obs etc and i find them much more taxing on games etc i loose 60-100 frames on division 2 running it through obs rather than nvidia and theirs also a noticable negative diference in the quality during streams
  10. I'd hardly compair game bar to anything near geforce experience the quality on geforce goes upto 4k not to mention the amount of platforms it supports and the rediculas settings that tell u nothing about what ur video quality is