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  1. @CharminUltraStrong thanks for the suggestion but I live in Belgium sow rip
  2. Hey sow i did some research on amp's and dac's because I want to invest in audio but after 2 days i still have no idea wat to get. I was looking at one https://www.amazon.com/SMSL-M6-Converter-Headphone-Silver/dp/B06X92M8MS?ref=TA_GL_POS_16&tag=kixstar-20&sigts=1550319334193&sig=9c1f44a47d5a833f2c58e3e2d9a585c9405a9613&adId=B06X92M8MS&linkCode=tw1&ref-refURL=https://taos-na-prod.amazon.com/viewer&imprToken=92d3e09c-ee2d-4292-8219-ae3c09fa2fc4) Sow is this a good one and should I get a dac or something else? ps: sorry for the bad english.
  3. cant becaus it attamts to instal the drivers
  4. Windows 10 settings doesnt give me a option to sheck for updats seems like a glitch, perhaps it came with the rerol i deed. i may need to reinstal windows.
  5. I am downloading the geforce thingy now going to try that if not i think it is the fact that i rerold my windows idn.
  6. just cleaned and restarted, tryed the driver update again and the same error
  7. I wil give you a update in a couple of moments
  8. I am sure its not that, tryed it 7 times
  9. It is from aorus brand new from alternate (Belgium). windows 10 Home 64b
  10. A little while ago my gpu 980 ti broke and i replaced it white a gtx 1080 ti. I just installd it and whene i wand to update the drivers it gives me a error, it says this is not compatible with the operating system. i tried some older drivers but got the same error, the included disk alsow gave my the same error. I did rerol the resent windows update because i wasnt abel to conect to the internet with it. Does anybody has any idee what it could be?