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    South Carolina
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    I love building and messing with PCs and other tech


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    Intel Pentium g4560 3.5Ghz
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    MSI b250m pro vdh
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    Kingston HyperX Fury 12gb DDR4
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    Gigabyte GTX 1050
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    DeepCool Tesseract
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    Western Digital 1tb
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    EVGA 450BT
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    Aleinware AW568
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    Corsair Harpoon RGB
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Do a colab with PewDiePie, where you fly out to London and fix his video quality. Maybe help him upgrade to a red or something and possibly put in a server. I just noticed that he pulled out a galaxy fold, so that could make an interesting talking point. He had said in the past that they don't know how to fix it. I think it would be a really cool colab, and simply by having Pewd's name in the thumbnail, it would get a tone of views.
  2. The main reason I was worried was because I had read stories where people's phones got wrecked after filming the eclipse
  3. I am at the beach, and was planning on taking a time laps of the sunset with my pixel 3a. I know that the sun can damage some cameras, but I have gotten mixed answered on different sites. The phone would be sitting on a tripod pointed and focused directly on the sun. Some people say that since the phone is using an wide angle lense and not a telephoto that there is no danger. Others seem to say that because of the way smartphone viewfinders work that the lense is always sensor is always exposed to the sun, and not for just the brief second of the shutter. Please help!!!
  4. The optiplex uses all standard power connectors.
  5. Yes I do know that DDR4 mobos will not working with ddr3. The motherboard that I linked on NewEgg is listed as being compatible with ddr3. I know that I wont be able to find anything that would be new enough to even support ddr4. I was able to find a hp desktop that has a 2nd gen core i5. My main concern would just be fitting the gpu in there, since it looks like its a slim format case.
  6. I was just making the point of you can play r6 with only 2 cores.
  7. Doesnt the optiplex mobo use proprietary mounting holes instead of the standard ATX?
  8. I run siege on a gtx 1050 and dual core 7th gen pentium just fine, and the pentium is dual core.
  9. Hey, so I am trying to put together a low cost build for a friend for his birthday with a budget of around 60 USD. It has to have a gpu of some kind, he doesnt plan on running anything that intensive, but something that can at least handle CS:GO at 60fps, or even r6 at low settings would be nice. I do have some parts laying around, including an old Dell optiplex that has 8 gigs of RAM and an intel core 2 duo. The RAM is ddr3, and whatever parts I would buy I would probably just use the that RAM for, since ddr4 doesnt fit the budget. I also have a hdd so that area is covered. I the problem with the optiplex motherboard is that it can only fit single slot cards, and there are non in the price range that would be fast enough and fit. I have tried cutting away a large part of the plastic shroud that goes around the heat sink(the case has a fan that is separate but blows directly on the cooler.) but it still wont fit because most graphics cards bump into some of the ports on the back because of how the card has to be oriented. I was able to find this mobo on NewEgg https://www.newegg.com/asrock-j3455m-micro-atx/p/N82E16813157729?Item=N82E16813157729, but it is at the limit of the buget. I have tried looking on ebay, but I am out of options at the moment. Do you think that there would be any way for me to just cut off one of the ports on the back without causing a short of some kind from possible metal dust settling on components, and just by removing that really old purple display connector? I also have a 250W psu from an old HP that i know still works and shouldnt fry anything.I did manage to find a gtx 750 on ebay for $35. Btw the his current laptop has a celeron from around 3 years ago and 4gb ddr3. I really just want to build him a desktop that is better then that, so theres the baseline.
  10. Yeah what I would do is buy a 9 series card for cheap, and the sell the thing for like 200 on Ebay. I am sure that someone would buy it for their kid or something like that. I have a friend who really needs a computer, he currently just has an Asus laptop with 4gb of RAM and a celeron from 3 years ago. If you are feeling generous you can give it to him! He would really appreciate it, and we both live in US in SC.
  11. Hwy, so I was recently working on one of my dad's laptops trying to help speed it up. One thing that I noticed was that the disk seemed to always be at 100% usage for the most part. This slows it way down. Nothing else seems to be bottlenecking it. I really can't tell what the heck is causing it to be so slow. The only program that really runs in the background.
  12. Yeah, the box isn't really a new egg issue. Maybe you accidentally bought a used product, since it was on Ebay? Or maybe it said new other? I personally trust NewEgg even though I have never purchased anything from them. They were kinda the og Amazon only with a focus on tech.
  13. Ok, does anyone have any ideas though, as to why the powerbook keeps freezing? Also, nice location @Crunchy Dragon I am a fellow Whovian.