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Master Dorphath

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    Master Dorphath#1402
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    Master Dorphath

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    South Carolina
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    Everything tech
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    I love building and messing with PCs and other tech


  • CPU
    Intel Pentium g4560 3.5Ghz
  • Motherboard
    MSI b250m pro vdh
  • RAM
    Kingston HyperX Fury 12gb DDR4
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 1050
  • Case
    DeepCool Tesseract
  • Storage
    Western Digital 1tb
  • PSU
    EVGA 450BT
  • Keyboard
    Aleinware AW568
  • Mouse
    Corsair Harpoon RGB
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  1. Not that I know of, you might be able to do it with macros or something like that. You should also just be able to change between the to when you open up display settings by right clicking on the desktop.
  2. Master Dorphath

    More obs help

    Glad I could help
  3. Master Dorphath

    More obs help

    No, you don't, all that you have to do, is just open up the source thing, add window capture, or just capture your whole desktop, and it should show whatever window you select, which would work with every game, or it would just capture your whole desktop.
  4. Master Dorphath

    HDMI to DisplayPort adaptor not supporting resolutions over 1080p

    That might just be the resolution of your tv or monitor, or it could be the ports are not new enough to support higher res, or your cable is not new enough.
  5. Master Dorphath

    I find Apple users infuriating

    I am not trying to start a war. I just want to hear other people's opinions on the topic.
  6. Master Dorphath

    I find Apple users infuriating

    Recently, several people I was with told me I was wearing a fake smartwatch, I have a gear sport, and I told them, no, its the gear sport. The apple fans then told me that any watch that is not the apple watch, is total garbage, and is fake. I tried reasoning with them to show them their folly, but as is the case with almost every apple user, reason has no effect. It seems to be this way with just about everyone and with every product. Unless it is made by apple, iPhone users hate it, even though it is clearly better, and if they would just listen to reasoning, they would see that apple does not always make the best products, esp for the price. I just find the high pedestal that apple people are on so irritating, always telling you that what you have is garbage, and no matter how much better what you have is, like an s8 compared to an iP7, they don't care and always think what they have is better.
  7. Master Dorphath

    I find Apple users infuriating

    Come and talk about why apple users are so infuriating!
  8. Master Dorphath

    Need Recommendations for Laptops

    Also, I forgot to mention the Razer blade stealth which will probably work for your gaming needs also
  9. Master Dorphath

    Need Recommendations for Laptops

    Here is one of the videos that I was talking about that might give you some better insight on the matter.
  10. Master Dorphath

    Need Recommendations for Laptops

    Imo, unless you plan on taking a good amount of notes by writing things down, there is no real reason to get the surface book 2. While it is very powerful, I would recommend getting a razer laptop, or really any other gaming laptop with good thermals and battery. If you could afford it, then I would recommend getting two laptops, one would be the surface laptop 2, and the other a gaming laptop, they would come to be about the same price of the surface book, and you might get a little bit better thermals, and maybe higher level hardware, then with the surface book 2, and then you would have the surface laptop 2 for your note taking. Either way, if you are just planning on getting one laptop, and don't want to get separate desktop, get a razer blade, they start somewhere around $1400 or something like that, and the base model has high enough specs for playing those games that you listed. It should be about as thin as the surface book, due to the strange hinge design of the surface book, but might be better at being an actual laptop then the surface book, as Linus said in his video. I do personally love surface products even though I have never owned one. Just pick which ever one you like the most, you might even be able to find some comparison videos between the surface book and the razer blade. Hope this helps.
  11. Master Dorphath

    Is it simple to transfer a sim card to another phone?

    I am pretty sure that those settings are made automatically depending on what signal is available with the current sim card. Like said before by the others, just double that the bands are the same, not frequencies.
  12. Master Dorphath

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    Lets see if we can get this to the next tech quickie video!
  13. Master Dorphath

    The WAN Show


    Lel, Max left ltt I am pretty sure, they made a video about it, and you never see her in any videos. I feel you though, I miss Max too.
  14. Master Dorphath

    I find the console wars confusing.

    Yes I know that, you don't even need 8gb of RAM. But what I was saying, was that the original xbox one, as far as I know, has 4gb of RAM or less. I had 4gb of RAM in my computer until 2 months ago, and I know what an extreme pain it is to have that amount. It is only due to optimization that the xbox one can run the games that it can. And back to what you were saying about Apple SoCs being better. Well, they are not, at least on the phone side, Snap Dragon 855s are much better then iPhone Xs chips, I don't know the exact name. I am not saying however, that android phones are a lot better at running apps, like I said before, due to heavy optimization, many iPhone apps run nice and fast.
  15. Master Dorphath

    Found a phone but can't reset it