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    Missouri, USA
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    Computers, Gaming, and crypto mining
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    Supervisor YRC


  • CPU
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    Gigabyte Aorus Z390 ultra
  • RAM
  • GPU
    1080ti FE (watercooled)
  • Case
    Lian Li pc-o11
  • Storage
    Evo970 500gig, 2Tb seagate then some external Nas and ect.
  • PSU
    Seasonic Prime Series SSR-1000PD 1000W Platinum
  • Display(s)
    MSI 27inch curved 144hz 1ms x2
  • Cooling
    Water cooled cpu and gpu
  • Keyboard
    Allows me to type
  • Mouse
    Logitech gaming G502
  • Sound
    Kingston HyperX
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. and if I do all that laptop needs a new board then right?
  2. I am working on a friends laptop and the screen is tearing/freezing. How can I fix this issue? He just using it for web browsing . I also attached some pictures of the issue.
  3. Also ambient temp matters as well too. Normally my room is 21c but when it started getting hot outside it would become 30c and when I stress test at 30c ambient I hit 90+ but at 21c I hit high 70s- low 80's. So depending on how hot your room is that is a factor as well. Also are you using your AIO as a intake or exhaust? I recommend intake over exhaust.
  4. At what usage when playing gta v? Mine is around 54c..(I have a 9900k as well. But a custom waterloop with 360mm rad space total though.) Thinking of possibly upgrading my 120 to a 360.
  5. TDP is what the cpu does at "base clock" and wants it goes over base clock so does the wattage. Example from what I have seen from AMD on the new cpu's. If it's base is 3.2ghz then 65watts is what it's rated TPD is but when it boost then it is above that. But I may be wrong lol.
  6. should still work the same just you may have to reactivate windows is all and update drivers. But I have had no issues booting up from my SSD or NVM.2 that I have upgraded components with.
  7. So after talking to seasonic and the company they recommend I buy from via email I was able to establish most psu made with in the last few years of "seasonic only" the cables are interchangeable. I now have found out my seasonic prime 1000watt titanium is a fully functional unit and works really well. I have not attempted yet to overclock to draw power yet. But I will attempt that first before actually putting it in my every day rig.
  8. Found a 550watt seasonic for $25 with all the cables. Its being delivered next week. Seasonic sent me to a website with all the cables and I then proceeded to email that company and confirmed the cables seasonic sent me work in both so just only $25 to see if it works and if it doesn't I just sell that 550watt psu and be a wash basically. Hope I win though!
  9. wasn't stolen...just from a return pallet store front.
  10. It was from an Amazon return place called its $5. Most everything I have gotten there has worked. Now this I'm not sure, so it's a gamble well at the time..couldnt find the psu cables but I'm sure they were there somewhere..just people there open the packaging and let it all fall out so they ruin shit like that. But I did not know you can mix modular cables because they won't be the same. If I knew that I wouldn't have pick it up...but the time I thought I had a chance to make some real money lol.
  11. I got this power supply for $2.50..I don't know for certain if it works as I don't have any of the modular cables and looks like it will cost around hundred to get them all. (Cablemods, maybe a little under). My question is this an idea I should try getting those or just cut my loss? I currently have a evga 750watt platinum.
  12. Alright I used a dishwasher on a motherboard that didn't have the cpu with it and noticed it was missing a ram slot that was apparently ripped out so can't test it but I did put in the dishwasher with no additives and on delicate setting. It came out looking brand new and nothing was missing from what I could tell. I will test this through out the week when I have more time to clean everything and able to put a system together.
  13. Dust is caked on and items came from an old mining rig. The cpus had paste caked on but just 2mins with a cotton ball and some pressure it came off. Just where they had this mining rig they were smokers. At I can tell on the gpus.