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  1. PrimalPhoenix

    genesis controller for emulator?

    so i managed to get a sega genesis honeybee controller and i’ve gotten fusion and a couple of sonic games and im wondering if there is something i can download to let me use the controller through the serial port?
  2. PrimalPhoenix

    keyboard for atari

    i have an atari flashback and i want to mess with the emulator settings buti need something that can either convert usb to atari 9 pin (i find atari 9 pins to usb most of the time) or a keyboard made for the atari but i cant find anything
  3. PrimalPhoenix

    case fan won’t work

    i’ve got a few old computers and i moved a 3 pin 12v case fan to a 4pin slot (looked on the internet and people say it’ll work) but i can’t seem to get it to work and i can’t find the sacred setting to make it act like a 3 pin socket. but there are only two cords coming out of the port it seems to be stuck with dust/grime but i can’t get it apart
  4. PrimalPhoenix

    itunes error 1602

    i have two old first gen ipads and neither of them will restore or update to ios 5.1. they are flashing screen as well as apple logo flash and ive tried everything. recovery mode, dfu and connecting to a pc please help me and thanks in advance
  5. PrimalPhoenix

    iphone as monitor

    i’ve been searching for a vga cable for an old windows xp computer but can’t find any. im wondering if i can use a phone as a display via usb and an app or connect it to my other computer to use my normal pc as a display
  6. PrimalPhoenix

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    ddr1 256mb at 333 mhz and a 3 1/4 floppy drive
  7. PrimalPhoenix

    rig 400 headphones cord snapped

    i don’t have anything to solder anything
  8. PrimalPhoenix

    rig 400 headphones cord snapped

    today my rig 400 mic/volume box snapped off the cord and im really sad because i only just got them for christmas and where i live i don’t think there are any repair places, any got some ideas on how i could fix it or where to get spare parts
  9. PrimalPhoenix

    What is this thing

    no brand just ce and this number thing that i’ve tried looking up
  10. PrimalPhoenix

    What is this thing

    none of them are wireless
  11. PrimalPhoenix

    What is this thing

    so i was looking through some old stuff in the cupboards and i found this little silver thing. All i have learnt is that it can plug into a ps2 and a ps2 controller but i can’t find it anywhere on the internet.
  12. PrimalPhoenix

    how to tell chinese fakes (with pics)

  13. PrimalPhoenix

    what kind of GPU is needed?

    yeah i was just looking to see if it was better off with amd and amd together
  14. so for my build i have been looking for the best value gpu as i have a low budget and here’s a trick to telling apart the fake chinese gpus from the real ones so first you need to find the gpu you want and search i am trying for a gtx 1060 when you find the card you need to go to the description and look for core frequency and memory frequency. you then search the memory or core frequency and it will come up with the card it actually is. hope this helps thx for reading this
  15. PrimalPhoenix

    what kind of GPU is needed?

    k thanks