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  1. Some updates. I blowed out the dust and cleaned the things around the hdd and motherboard ports again, now it seems like that it's working again, but makes some kind high pitch noises when I'm trying to load up things from the hdd. I've downloaded a disk health check software and it shows that the drive has 4320 bad and 8 weak sectors. I guess I need to save my data asap.
  2. I've tried, sorry haven't mentioned above. Same result, hdd is not spinning
  3. Hello, I moved to a new place and haven't turned on my pc since June 6, yesterday I wanted to check a few stuff but the hdd wasn't working anymore. My ssd was booting without any issue, but the hdd didn't show up. I tried to boot without the ssd, but the it just simply freezed - I couldn't even reach the bios screen. Type of the HDD: Seagate 1TB SATA3 64MB ST1000DM010 This is where am I now: HDD is not showing up, can't even boot the pc HDD is spinning if I'm not connecting the Sata cable The cable is working with other HDD, I've tried it with my external storage drive Same issue with all the 4 sata ports Any idea what happened? There was no warning sign that the HDD is dying or something, it's around 1 year old.
  4. Sounds good, but R5 2600 won't fit to my budget.
  5. I have only 1 stick of ram its an 8GB 2400MHz Crucial (CL17), would be this enough for that ryzen cpu? I guess I need to find a compatible motherboard as well
  6. Hi guys, Last year I bought a Pentium G4560 with an ASrock B250M Pro4 (+GTX 1050 TI). I planned to upgrade the Pentium to a 6th or 7th gen i5, but nowadays the prices are way to high in my country. For example the used price of a 7th gen i5 is 145-160 USD, and the new one is around 230 USD. I know that motherboard is a dead end, so I was thinking about to sell the whole stuff and switch to AMD AM4 platform or 1151-v2 if the prices are going down. I used to play with esport titles, but the Pentium feels too weak now for the newer games... My budget for this updgrade is around 200-240 usd, any suggestion what to buy? Or shall I wait a few more months? Thanks in advance