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  1. Hello guys, so I have tried to turn on the remote control in the pulseway manager but I don't see the option in the android app. I saw a video from pulseway on youtube showcasing it, also I know I can use the remote desktop/control with their dashboard or remote client but I want to use it with my phone. Thank you for your help!
  2. Ok ill try Edit: i did that and same happens the as soon as i install the driver the fans go to 100%
  3. I did that and when i go out of safe mode abd leave the pc for like 10 sec the windows installes the driver even if i have the auto driver download thingy disabled
  4. Yes i cheched task manager 0-1 percent load on gpu and temps are in 30 and 40 range
  5. I already downloaded the drivers off the nvidias webiste
  6. So i got a new gpu and it's fnas are spinning at 100 % when in windows 10 but whenin bios they are noticably lower and quieter. Msi afterburner doesn't seem to work even if i set the fans at 20 percent which is as low as they will go and btw one of the fans is no spinning its trying to but cant even if i spin it with my finger it doesnt start( i have a gigabyte windforce 3 fans 760). Thank you for your replies.
  7. https://imgur.com/gallery/g4hwwp4 <-- there's a copule of screenshots on my router's settings
  8. So i have been trying to get my filezilla server working for quite a while now and i can get into the server within the local network but not outside of it (yes i have forwarded the ports and filezilla says it's connected but it says: 425 Can't open data connection for transfer of "/" ( the / is my desktop folder) thank you for your help!
  9. can you guys help me to setup vlc streaming over the internet onto my android phone? thanks for all the help!