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  1. Is it just for me, or has anyone else noticed that any seller who isn't on the "front page" (i think buybox is the proper term) of an Amazon product aren't listed what so ever? The most recent example I have found is this monitor. Image is what I see when I click on "new from". Apologies if I put this in the wrong forum, i'm not really sure what this would belong in besides it.
  2. Hey all, I recently upgraded my case to a Phanteks case with integrated ARGB lighting, but my motherboard, the ASUS Prime X470 Pro, doesn't have an ARGB header. I want to be able to control my case's lighting through software, and the Terminal is the only product I've found that's capable of that, even if it isn't really what it was designed for. But for an internal USB controller, 70-80$ is really, really steep. Are there any good alternatives to it? Sorry if this is in the wrong category, I couldn't really think of a better one.
  3. Sorry I was a little vague, my temps are actually in the 60s. I'm aware those temps really aren't dangerous or anything, but it seems high to me with a 240 AIO at only about 95 watts of output (as measured by HWiNFO). The Cooler Master AIO has a thin radiator(27mm), while the Arctic has a much thicker one(38mm), so I figured it might make a difference. The Cooler Master also uses the AMD tab mount things with thumb screws, which (at least for me) is really hard to get a good mount without sliding around like mad.
  4. I have a Cooler Master 240mm Lite in push/pull in the front of a Phanteks P350X, and I recently upgraded my CPU to a Ryzen 5 2600x, running at stock speeds/voltage/etc. I'm seeing temperatures that seem fairly high to me, in the low-mid 60s, under 75% and above load, with the fans and pump at full speed. My question is, are those temps somewhat normal, or should I get a better cooler, probably the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240mm?
  5. Hey all, I'm planning a custom watercooled build for a few months from now. I'm looking at getting a PC O11 Dynamic XL for the build, and I found this Barrow waterway for it. Linus used one similar to it in the copper watercooling video, but the video and the Amazon links never specified what pumps would work for them, besides "D5", which doesn't really mean anything to me besides it just being a style of pump.
  6. After a partition encryption with Veracrypt, during the test (drive never encrypted) the system will not boot to windows using the rescue disk, the veracrypt boot loader, or the windows bootloader, instead endlessly boot looping. System is a late 2016 model HP Spectre x360, BIOS version f.16, with secure boot disabled and legacy boot enabled.