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  1. Friends finally the day have come for me when I need to buy laptop to run programs like hypermesh,purposly, solid works. I am mechanical engineering student from India my budget is 50000 max 60000 rupees means 700 to 840 dollars (as on18-9-19). Plz recommend me laptops to run the above programs smoothly and with a good battery life.
  2. Okay here's the thing, K20 and K20 pro just launched. And i was thinking to buy one of them. And let's assume the New 855 is not custom tuned for K20 pro (for now) i.e. it has default configuration 1 x 2.84GHz & 3 x 2.42GHz & 4 x 1.8GHz. I am more into raw power!, high internet speeds, good picture quality (only to watch movies and videos and not for picture clicking). i wanted to go for poco f1 but it's screen corners makes me wanna vomit. So i checked 730 vs 845 vs 855 processors and 855 doesn't have 1) HAS DYNAMIC FREQUENCY SCALING 2) SUPPORTS HARDWARE-ASSISTED VIRTUALIZATION 3) NX BIT is it gonna make a difference the 855 doesn't the above three things? and what are those things could you explain them more/detailed with examples; i mean why are they even necessary. Your help is appreciated, your guys are the best~! https://versus.com/en/qualcomm-snapdragon-730-vs-qualcomm-snapdragon-845-vs-qualcomm-snapdragon-855
  3. SO at what time stamp they talk about it? i am curious. Thank you very much for telling me.
  4. why not? so u r not suspicious about anything? i mean those captions are not for that video it more seems like a conversation between two people who are doing some "hacking". i mean go watch video in 144p and just turn on the captions it's like there are people chatting from behind while video is running i think that's the reason why video didn't work in 1080p read the comments man!
  5. read the captions which are present video window which is in the images, by captions i mean the same captions as like in youtube (testing!!!!!!!!).
  6. I mean what is this, i am freaked out now!!!!!! Read those captions in the pics there are two people talking with each other. (could be more than two people) but still they are talking about 4k quality saying people are killing it. And this conversation seems to be interesting at time stamps 54:50 to 55:05, they are talking about shuttering quality of 1080p video quality, what the hell is going on? They are talking things like murdering connections? what does that even mean? sometimes i am same seeing captions twice or captions are repeating for some reason. Those captions are auto generated. Has someone hacked youtube or LTT what is this? Am i the only one seeing this?
  7. Actually it's that "nvidia container" thing (i think) which just comes randomly starts to download stuff, before that "nvidia container" everything was working like a charm!!!!
  8. Now that's the kind of info i was looking for. Thank you, so yeah i guess drivers wins!
  9. That's what i am asking, No i Used ddu and everything works fine now! with drivers 353.xx