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  1. Actually it's that "nvidia container" thing (i think) which just comes randomly starts to download stuff, before that "nvidia container" everything was working like a charm!!!!
  2. Now that's the kind of info i was looking for. Thank you, so yeah i guess drivers wins!
  3. That's what i am asking, No i Used ddu and everything works fine now! with drivers 353.xx
  4. So u want to say "install the drivers"? Yes or no, be clear!!
  5. Then why it never give me blue screen of death ever when there were no nvidia drivers.
  6. Are there any most stable drivers, (if nvidia have created them by mistake)
  7. Most of the time - They are pain in my ass, I get blue screens of death, most times are bcuz of these drivers , no matter how many times i install those drivers (latest) or other versions they always have some kinda issue no matter how small it is, even after doing DDU.
  8. I use pc now for Watching movies,anime,anime movies, videos from youtube and that's it. Should i install nvidia drivers? i mean what would be difference? My specs - cpu -i5-6500 gpu - asus 2gb-OC 750ti Hdd - 2tb wd blue no ssd
  9. Kpp550

    Power surge problem!!!!!!?

    As i said this build from 2016. i think it might be 2.5k rupees psu just to be safe i said 3k (yeah that physics chapter of measurement and errors). Actually, this is a totally offline build, none of the parts were bought online as in india at that time and still most of times people fear to buy products which costs so much money. The reason bcuz of their return policies and refund policies which they actually don't implement most of the times. So yeah it's like if u r gonna buy a product offline u can expect only 5 to 10% discount here bcuz most of people just want to make money and nothing more they have become so much greedy these days and i can guarantee that they have become so much greedy. And just after posting this post of PSU problem i found people saying bad stuff about corsairs VS and CRM psu when i was trying to find good psu like from tom's hardware best psu of 2019, So which one u think is better - Corsair CP-9020170-UK 450W Certified Power Supply (Black) vs Gigabyte GP-PB500 500W ATX12V 80 Plus Bronze Certified Active PFC Power Supply (https://www.amazon.in/Corsair-CP-9020170-UK-Certified-Power-Supply/dp/B078Y44N73/ vs https://www.amazon.in/s?k=gigabyte+psu&crid=3J9OFYW9DE04P&sprefix=gigabyte+%2Caps%2C299&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_10_9) And in the end it morely seems like the problem bcuz of PSU's 24 pin connector to mother board, and i found out there are only 23 pins in which wires are present/inserted an only 23 wires are their on 24 pin connector, one of the empty why is that? and i am honest with these following words 1000% I put the god damn PSU and that button cell kinda thing from mother board in sunlight in noon for like 2 hours and it did 2 times restarts and then it was okay with everything and it still is! but i don't wanna go through that again so plz which psu u think is better of the above plz tell me or there any other. You really are helping me a lot thank you very much.
  10. Kpp550

    Power surge problem!!!!!!?

    So the solution to the problem is............... i found it accidentally by myself, I was on resolution 1366x786 (it was default) now changed it to 1080x786 and now everything just works fine!! (every video, everything works smoothly it seems like i just needed to decrease the use of power from PSU so that it would not spike and yes it' working while the anti-surge is ON). but wait how much power i need for asus 750ti + i5-6500 + 2tb hdd + asus h170 pro? As soon as i get enough money i am gonna change my PSU, so which PSU is the best u think suggest me plz. Thanks for ur help earlier. Thank GOD for now!!
  11. Kpp550

    Power surge problem!!!!!!?

    So wait a sec there, i from india, that thing costed me 3000 rupees which is way high here. Firstly my PC is connected to UPS and then the UPS is connected to AC, Is it still not safe for me disable Asus-anti surge, and i am broke.
  12. Kpp550

    Power surge problem!!!!!!?

    PLz reply
  13. Kpp550

    Power surge problem!!!!!!?

    Okay for now i have disabled the surge protection. My mother board is Asus h170 pro (USB 3.0 version) Gpu is asus 750ti OC 2gb PSU - Ortis vip-500 GOLD. (yes it's ORTIS and not ARTIS) and in my vlc Hardware acceleration is disabled bcuz blueray's gets whitish thing.
  14. My PSU is good confirmed I just found out if start certain files like any media files (.mkv,.mp4) with vlc, and broforce game exe then just pc shuts down and i get power surge message. I did stress test on cpu (i5-6500) for 26 minutes using prime95 program, cpu usage was 100% max temp reached was 70-80 degree celsius and didn't get any power surge at all. For using chrome (i am typing this problem using pc chrome now) and internet download manager i don't get power surges. Any solution i will be much appreciated.
  15. First of all, thanks very much for your help. So linus in this video is also showing a way to people with old gen motherboard which didn't have have M.2 slots using those Silver Stone's PCIe Cards which are capable of only nvme and m.2 sata ssd, that's from where my misunderstanding started. Now conclusion - We got M.2 socket on my mother board (luckily) which supports both nvme and sata ssd (M.2 version). Now my question which one of them is faster? Nvme or Sata m.2 ssd in reading and writing speeds (and for god sake let the both storages be from samsung )