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  1. I want your input as in if you were buying a 3900x and an x570 board, which board would you personally choose
  2. Yeah I'm aware all x570 boards have ample power delivery, like i said before just wanting others input
  3. Yeah I keep coming back to that one time and time again
  4. I'm not buying anytime soon as I am unable to make the money needed. Just wanting opinions
  5. I've been looking at all the boards and know a few are good but just wanting external opinions
  6. Really no budget but definitely doesnt need to be the top tier board probs around 350USD. Preferably like 200-250USD
  7. Give your recommended x570 boards for a r9 3900x please
  8. AcidYT

    Cooling a Ryzen 9 3900x

    Alright thanks, yeah well I plan on pushing the 3900x as much as I can so
  9. AcidYT

    Cooling a Ryzen 9 3900x

    Do you know roughly how much better a 360mm is over a 240mm AIO? like temp or percent wise?
  10. AcidYT

    Cooling a Ryzen 9 3900x

    I've seen the air cooler is alright but the case i'm choosing hinders builds with air coolers in most cases (no pun intended). I have a 360mm currently in my list but i would like to know the difference in cooling between a 240mm and a 360mm
  11. Hey guys!, wondering whether I should go for a 240mm or 360mm AIO for cooling a 3900x. Just for extra information to understand how airflow may be affected, it is going to be in the Lian Li O11-D If any can help that'd be great!
  12. If you can wait to upgrade until somewhere around June or July, AMD is set to release Ryzen 3000. Judging by the leaks of how they will perform, the 3700x will oc to 5ghz ish at roughly the price point of a 2700x. Since its based on zen 2 it will be faster than some threadripper models with similar core counts
  13. AcidYT

    YouTube gaming content help please!

    Alright, probs gonna be hard for us to play though cause im an Australian but who cares ahaha
  14. AcidYT

    YouTube gaming content help please!

    Maybe. Ill look into it. Thanks
  15. AcidYT

    YouTube gaming content help please!

    Add me on PSN if you want AcidixYT. Just say you were from here. Or go to my channel Acidix (search AcidixYT and it should be the first one. Has like 470 subs)