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    Prof.Lucifer or Sharkx0203 (international and Chinese editions)
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    I'm a homo Sapien
    Im alive
    Congrats on wasting your time reading my profile
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    I7 8700k
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    Whatever dell uses
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    16gb of whatever dell uses
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    Gtx 1080
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    Dell XPS tower SE case
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    2tb hdd 500gb ssd
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    Don't know
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    Dell something 4k
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    Dell cooling?
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    Logi k850
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    G pro wireless
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    Dt 990 pro
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    Mbp 2017

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  1. I just built a pc. It won't start even after bridging the two power button pins with a screwdriver. The motherboard rgb comes on as soon as I flip my s Psu switch so mobo and psu are working. I've used the GPU and ram before too so those are both working. I bride the pins and nothing happens. My specs. Sf600 X570i strix 3700x 16gb ram Gtx1080
  2. Is the hdplex 400w a good PSU? (Or at least a good half PSU) I want to try build a PC in an xbox one s and Linus used the hdplex 400w in his Xbox of build
  3. Is it possible transfer the Xbox one s to a PC case? Because my Xbox one s still works, I just hardly use it but my mom wants to keep it working because ye.
  4. Do you think tape will damage the system? Because I'm thinking of just taping or glueing the motherboard onto the backplate.
  5. What's the best way to make sure your measurements are accurate? Because measuring tapes seem a bit hard to get accurate measurements with.
  6. I'm pretty sure I have an Xbox one but it uses the same chassis as the Xbox one s so I have around 4.2 litres of space to work with, in comparison, the original Xbox is 7.2 litres big. Though I think if I plan it well I can still fit a mini gpu.
  7. Would you recommend getting a gpu? Because my budget is $1400 but I'm afraid if messing something up and going Apu should be easier.
  8. Hello, I've never done case modding and I'd like to ask if it might be possible to build a system in an xbox one.
  9. Thx for the help man rly appreciate it.
  10. How's the Thinkpad x395? It has the same specs as the magicbook and costs 5299.
  11. How's the honor magicbook 14? It's 4000 RMB and it has an r7 3700u 8gb ram and 512gb storage. Specs are enough for basic use and it's quite cheap. My budget is 10,000 but the money I don't spend goes to building a PC over the summer so I think I could get a cheaper laptop and a better desktop.
  12. Well I've never had a laptop break and I don't think quality control can be thatttt bad because I could always return it and get a replacement. Also, the x2 duo and the hp spectre x360 13 both have wifi 6 support. Also, is the Lenovo yoga c940 good? Because it has the same spec as the hp spectre but has a 4k screen. This thread has been opened a decade ago lmao.
  13. True, but for school, the integrated Iris plus should be enough. Also, the small form factor if a benefit. Still probably gonna go with the mechrevo though. Maybe the asus, depends on what i take as my IGCSE subjects