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  1. zrmaxwell

    Sony NW-A105

    The music player runs android, meaning it has access to the Google Play Store, among other functions. However, according to Super* Review on YouTube.. it has bad battery life.. I have yet to try an NW-A105 walkman music player myself, but so far, my hopes for finding a good android based audio player have decreased a bit.. Here is the video if you are curious.. :
  2. Is there a reason for a music player such as the R8 to have 4G?
  3. Cool looking DAP with a premium price tag (expected since its their flagship). Hope i can buy (or at least demo it at an audio show one day..)
  4. Look into the AKG K371 over ear headphones..
  5. Plenty to name. However, these questions need to be asked: 1. What is your budget? 2. Do you want over ear, on ear, or in ear?
  6. Please re-phrase the question or clarify..
  7. What are the best headphones you have personally heard? I would say the best ones i have heard are the Sennheiser HD 558s. (I know. They are not the greatest or the best sounding, but i am a novice when it comes to experiencing high end headphones..)
  8. I found the FiiO EH3 NC for retail price $169 on BHPhotoVideo.com. According to Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews on YouTube, they beat the Sony 1000xM3 in terms of build and sound. Has anyone else heard the EH3 NC or even own them?
  9. That's really good! I was unaware of that until now. Good to know.
  10. Yeah i read online a long time ago that they are committed to 3 years of software updates (don't quote me because i could be wrong) If i am right, that's really good that they can match google's software update policy thing..
  11. Cool. Hope i can get a oneplus phone someday. I've always wanted to try one.