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    Phones, headphones.. technology really.
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  1. zrmaxwell

    $100 Headphones recommendation?

    Audio Technica ATH-M40x would be my recommendation. In my opinion, they have a bit of a v-shaped sound but are close to neutral.. No real spikes or oddities in the bass, midrange, or high frequencies. You can find replacement parts such as ear pads and cables on places like B&H Photo Video..
  2. zrmaxwell

    Bose NC 700

    i definitely mis-judged them based on their looks. Plastic can still be good quality. I hope they have replaceable ear pads, and they sell replacement wires on the website..
  3. Good point. Hopefully the Motorola Z4 Force (Or whatever they call it) will be a good phone..
  4. zrmaxwell

    Bose NC 700

    Bose recently announced the NC 700 headphones for $400 USD.. They look like they are made of all plastic.. For that much money, buy other sound equipment.. What are everyone else's thoughts?
  5. zrmaxwell

    Quality in-ear headphones

    How much are you willing to spend on quality in ear headphones?
  6. It has? I have missed out on a bunch of things then.. lol
  7. I just hope Samsung doesn't follow the lack of headphone jack trend.. They should stand out and continue to be unique.
  8. Read the article: https://9to5google.com/2019/05/30/note-10-no-jack-buttons/?fbclid=IwAR3D8tBRyl7JVcAaePWeL_UM0APnAiiKcntoP9c-pFWaR5tgzgWoEFLxt5c It's a rumor, but it will suck if it actually happens..
  9. zrmaxwell

    Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant

    Yeah it really seems pointless to me..
  10. Let's face it.. everyone who has a samsung phone dating back to the S8 or Note 8 should realize by now that bixby is nowhere near as good as google assistant. It's a failed project that Samsung should absolutely 100% get rid of on the note 10.. however, chances are they will not.. How many viewers of this post wish bixby was just axed and forgotten about by the company?
  11. zrmaxwell

    Oneplus 7 pro or Samsung s10?

    If i was presented with the opportunity, i would pick the oneplus 7 pro unless you really need the headphone jack (in that case, go with the Samsung S10)..
  12. zrmaxwell

    Looking for a desktop headphone amplifier/dac..

  13. zrmaxwell

    Looking for a desktop headphone amplifier/dac..

    i asked for recommendations for headphone amplifiers/dacs, not headphones...
  14. zrmaxwell

    Looking for a desktop headphone amplifier/dac..

    Those are from massdrop, not from a store (therefore i would have to go through the headache of shipping them back if i had a problem).. & i would have to pay extra to ship it to & from the manufacturer should i need customer service/support..