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  1. Turning on pc with key

    Ebay also have plenty momentary key switches: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1PC-FITS-XB2-BG61-22MM-1NO-2-Position-Momentary-Key-Select-Selector-Switch/172654540083?hash=item2833033533:g:GTsAAOxyAc1SSpip https://www.ebay.com/itm/1x-Key-Lock-Power-On-Off-On-Momentary-Key-Switch-44999/201617628235?hash=item2ef158dc4b:g:GwoAAOSw9N1V1LXZ and many more...
  2. Turning on pc with key

    He could probably make a circuit that would change it into a momentary switch.
  3. Turning on pc with key

    A quick Google for "key switch" will give you many opportunities. Ebay provides lots of cheap ones: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Key-Rotation-Switch-Security-Lock-Heavy-Duty-Keyed-Power-Ignition-LAY7-11Y-2-New/381746825297?hash=item58e1e24851:g:KH4AAOxyyq5TMpLc https://www.ebay.com/itm/5Pcs-Electronic-Key-Switch-ON-OFF-Lock-Switch-KS-02-With-Keys/272478977879?hash=item3f71033f57:g:~dcAAOSw5cNYR8fI https://www.ebay.com/itm/Security-Power-Locks-Phone-Lock-ON-OFF-Key-Switch-with-2-Keys/301854093029?hash=item4647e7eee5:g:o5wAAOSwa-dWobOI And many more
  4. Scrapyard wars ideas?

    Maybe they could try to build something different than typical desktops, fx build a custom laptop using desktop, laptop, other generic components, maybe even using game console components.
  5. are we still liking on YouTube ?

    Sure. True, but I think we all agreed all along anyway
  6. are we still liking on YouTube ?

    But that is my point they do not only release one video per month. But I know that they still make more on floatplane... nvm
  7. are we still liking on YouTube ?

    Nut you YouTube income is not per month.
  8. are we still liking on YouTube ?

    but the 2.99 is per month not per video, but still true.
  9. New WAN Show Sponsor

    It was also meant as a joke. I think it is so weird that the use the exact same motto
  10. New WAN Show Sponsor

    I have found the perfect sponsor for the WAN Show @LinusTech and @Slick. And you guys don't have to learn a new motto I believe you have used this one before
  11. Apple optical SuperDrive and Raspberry Pi

    Nice thank you for helping me out. I will probably do a build log or something similar when I get to build it
  12. Apple optical SuperDrive and Raspberry Pi

    I have looked further into it, and I can get a MacBook Combo Drive as well as a CD IDE to USB adapter board for right around 25 euro shipped to Denmark. I was just curious whether any one knew if the optical drives from MacBooks (or Mac Mini, or Mac G4) could be used as plug and play with the Raspberry Pi. Thanks for the link though.
  13. Hi forum users. I am going to build a slot loading cd player that can stream music to my Sonos speakers. I am planning to use a Raspberry Pi, and I want to use a slot loading optical drive for aesthetic reasons. The cheapest slot loading drives (including shipping to Denmark) I have been able to find is used Apple SuperDrives. So my question is if it is possible to connect an internal Apple SuperDrive to a Raspberry Pi using a slim sata to usb adapter (or an ide to usb adapter if the drive is older than 2008)?
  14. Question to you about windows 10

    I know they are not, I am just surprised that no one has come up with a stable solution. People have come up with stable solution for other "not-meant-to-match" systems. From what I've heard from MacBook owners the dual booting on a MacBook is pretty good.