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  1. I have a local ISP, who is providing me 100Mbps line for Rs1,002 or $13.59 a month. Using this connection from more than a year now. Recently I noticed that speed has gone way down below 60 and is unstable at times. On fast, it shows 30 however, ookla speedtest shows 50-60. PS: I have Archer C60, with my laptop connected to 5GHz channel all the time. Here Upload speed is 93-94 which is normal rnage I usually get on both up and down. However, down has decreased. Talked to ISP, they side servers and network is completely fine. Can it be my router? Tried changing all channel width, channel numbers on both 2.4 and 5GHz band.
  2. As Celeric mentioned, a channel change might help.
  3. I pay ₹1002 ($13.65) for 100Mbps Unlimited cap, be up or down.
  4. Then it might be wifi card issue.
  5. Is it everytime thing? The unstable wifi?
  6. As per Forbes, AMD is now doing a side business of making Mountain bikes. It will come with a 21-speed (hence, 21-cores) gear arrangements, and yes, has orange wheels. Ugh! Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2020/09/06/forget-the-nvidia-rtx-3000-series-amd-is-selling-bikes-now/#175bdd6f38e5
  7. Might be a firmware (router) issue or ISP has some issue on their end. And for the reference, is it 10GB data or 10Gb/s speed?
  8. Being a premium support holder, i get it checked on site (on call, via remote assist), and yes they have assigned to replace board and heatsink (again). Talking about onload, its 100 all the time.
  9. I generally get around 54-ish temperature, as it is hot in India. Even on normal load however, it remains on 99-100. And thermal paste came pre-applied on the new heatsink.
  10. As I said, "on load" that is when on oload, the i7 variant boosts up more than 3.5GHz. And in this situation, even all core load its not going more than 2GHz, and drops way below to minimum clock, that is 700MHz or something, and sometimes way below that. Temperature : 70-90 idle
  11. I have a Dell G3 3590 with i7-9750H and GTX 1660Ti. Few days back, I got the heatsink and fans of the system replaced. However, later that day in the evening, the system again started overheating, and the CPU was acting wierd. What I saw was, on heavy load, for example - games, the CPU didn't cross 1.5-2GHz clock speed. Before the heatsink was replaced, I was getting more than 3GHz clock speed. I talked to Dell, and they have decided to replaced the Motherboard and the Heatsinnk. And On Restart, it shut down. But I need to know as why did CPU speed got half-ed all of a sudden? EDIT: When Installing Factorio ( game). Fan goes full speed!