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Everything posted by Laukus

  1. I don't know what to make of your avatar. Looks sort of like shepard (from ME) and hilter (the mustache thing) had a baby.
  2. Ketchup is an inhumane use of the tomato. That being said, it is tasty and I shall attempt this and report back. Now, where to find a pretzel..
  3. Yes with cheese and salt, don't forget salt. And to your questions. Did you lock your keys in your ship?
  4. EVERYONE, I have an announcement.... I like pretzels. That is all.
  5. only if the victim ship glows red and vibrates like all hell when we miss something.
  6. Sweet, sounds like a perfect plan. Ram them into submission then salvage them. Think we just stumbled upon the best money making scheme ever.
  7. Aww sad, just looked at the poll at the top a little more closely..and my preferred profession only has 7.43% of the vote. Lonely miner lol
  8. Holy god I have a threadnaught to read through..