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  1. This router uses only 2,4gHz. And i cant find which standard it´s using. I can switch mode 54mbit/s, 145mbit/s and 300mbit/s (what it defines, no clue) My wireless network card is a Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 130 and it uses 802.11b/g/n
  2. Have no antivirus or firewall active at the moment Capture might not help, it´s swedish But it says "Wifi is missing accepted IP-configuration"
  3. Hi Have a strange issue with a Netgear N300. I can connect to it without issue with ethernet-cable, but when i connect to it through wifi it wont work. I get 169.254.x.x as and adress. But both my phone and raspberry pi have no issues with it. I have another router that have no problem with my computer connecting to it. So im not sure what to do here What can be wrong?
  4. Dammit, and i was hoping it was more easily fixed Thanks for the info
  5. Hi I was thinking of making my windows have 2 different accounts with differents program/processes startup. This computer is for school so I have alot of background software starting up. Tried to make a local user, without admin (so i can skip password), changed some of the programs starting but this transfared to my main account. So my question is if its possible not to have the startup being linked between my to W10 accounts? Thanks for your time
  6. SgtEriksson


    Found the solution, pls delete
  7. I have an issue i cant seem to find out what the problem really is I have noticed before when my laptop went into power save mode and adjusted the brightness on my screen, I cant see anything and have to remove the power source and battery to make this disappear And now i noticed that even when i try to adjust, it goes black. Its just like the lights turn off, because i believe i have seen that it´s something there, but hard as hell to see What can cause this?
  8. Hi once more. Don´t get higher speeds working without crashes. Only in Prime95, Cinebench works fine. Tried increasing VCCIN to 1,950. At 2,000 the motherboard goes to red text 1,450v to CPU, but as said, wont work. Temperature playing is 75c, so i think i can go higher Im quite happy with it, but wanna go to the limit
  9. Hi Bought these memories second hand and now i saw that they have something of a cable input (sorry for the description, cant figure out what they are called) Tried to google on them, but only found versions without them, so my question is. What is it?
  10. Hi again Thanks for the help. Have manged to get it to 4.1 so far without crashing. Will test some more and see if i can get 4.2GHz without crashes All over that and i think the heat will be to high
  11. Was on that, didnt understand that i needed to use my keyboard, and not select with my mouse. Thanks! It starts with 0.800 as lowest and xan go up to 2.700 volts. How shall I think here. Go up with 0.05? 0.1 and see if it works? Exampel. Up to 0.900 input and up to 1.300 on the CPU?
  12. Cant find it, not in plain text at least https://prnt.sc/l2fsyf http://prntscr.com/l2ftbp Sounds like something i read somewhere else. Got it to 3,9 but higher then that and it´s not happy at all :P