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  1. SgtEriksson

    Upgrade Motherboard - Asus B85 Plus

    Hi once more. Don´t get higher speeds working without crashes. Only in Prime95, Cinebench works fine. Tried increasing VCCIN to 1,950. At 2,000 the motherboard goes to red text 1,450v to CPU, but as said, wont work. Temperature playing is 75c, so i think i can go higher Im quite happy with it, but wanna go to the limit
  2. Hi Bought these memories second hand and now i saw that they have something of a cable input (sorry for the description, cant figure out what they are called) Tried to google on them, but only found versions without them, so my question is. What is it?
  3. SgtEriksson

    Upgrade Motherboard - Asus B85 Plus

    Hi again Thanks for the help. Have manged to get it to 4.1 so far without crashing. Will test some more and see if i can get 4.2GHz without crashes All over that and i think the heat will be to high
  4. SgtEriksson

    Upgrade Motherboard - Asus B85 Plus

    Okay, will try and see where it leads Thanks
  5. SgtEriksson

    Upgrade Motherboard - Asus B85 Plus

    Was on that, didnt understand that i needed to use my keyboard, and not select with my mouse. Thanks! It starts with 0.800 as lowest and xan go up to 2.700 volts. How shall I think here. Go up with 0.05? 0.1 and see if it works? Exampel. Up to 0.900 input and up to 1.300 on the CPU?
  6. SgtEriksson

    Upgrade Motherboard - Asus B85 Plus

    Cant find it, not in plain text at least https://prnt.sc/l2fsyf http://prntscr.com/l2ftbp Sounds like something i read somewhere else. Got it to 3,9 but higher then that and it´s not happy at all :P
  7. SgtEriksson

    Upgrade Motherboard - Asus B85 Plus

    Okay. But why does it work well at 1.2 volt at 3.9GHz? Not good at this :s
  8. SgtEriksson

    Upgrade Motherboard - Asus B85 Plus

    That´s done, before that i couldnt do much. The voltage i tried the otherday, but even if i went up to 1.400v, it randomly turned off the computer. All above 3,9GHz does that :s
  9. Hi First post here, see if i can make myself understood Short story. I have found LinusTechTips and JayTwoCents on Youtube and have finally started to understand my computer. Some upgrades and overclocking have been done But now it seem that my motherboard is the limiting factor for me Bought my computer used a couple of years back. It got a Asus B85 Plus motherboard with a Intel i5 4670k on it. Got it overclocked to 3.9GHz (think i read thats the limit of the motherboard, but found that text once and then never again) and all above that makes the computer just shut it self off. No problems with booting up again. Temperatures during stresstests is around 70c. Got a Hyper 212 Evo cooling So my question is first: 1. Is it possible to go over that threshold on my motherboard? 2. Which motherboard can I else switch to, to get some more options?