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About YourCrush1234

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  • CPU
    Amd Fx 8350
  • Motherboard
    I dunno some gigabyte mobo
  • RAM
    16 gb ddr3 adata ram
  • GPU
    AMD rx 560 2gb
  • Case
    I dunno some old case
  • Storage
    I dunno some 1tb hdd
  • PSU
    I dunno some 500w
  • Display(s)
    I dunno some old monitor
  • Cooling
    I dunno some fan
  • Keyboard
    I dunno some keyboard
  • Mouse
    I dunno some mouse
  • Sound
    $40 turtle beach
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64-bit

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  1. YourCrush1234

    Steam not working : (

    It’s gonna be days for me to reinstall anything
  2. YourCrush1234

    Steam not working : (

    I would love to do that, but I have about 50 gb of steam games and my internet is like 500kb/s on a good day.
  3. YourCrush1234

    Steam not working : (

    Ok so whenever I try to launch a steam game it either wigs out my computer and I have to restart, or it says not responding. Undertale is the only game that will actually launch.
  4. YourCrush1234

    resoulution up fps still the same?

    ok so in my orginal res, it was only like 70-80. now its 90-100. so i guess thats why
  5. YourCrush1234

    resoulution up fps still the same?

  6. YourCrush1234

    resoulution up fps still the same?

    oh yah sorry didnt realize what this was posted in sorry.... i meant graphics cards lol
  7. YourCrush1234

    resoulution up fps still the same?

    ok so ive had a 720p monitor for a while, and i just upgraded to 1080p. on 720p i usually get around140 fps on OW, and i get the same on 1080p??? i checked in the settings and it does say 1080p. so did i do something wrong or is this normal. my video card is rx 560 2gb
  8. YourCrush1234

    Hypothetical fx 8350

    Ok so the fx 8350 was mostly limited by its bad architecture, that’s common knowledge. But what if the 8350 had something like a zen architecture??? a 4 core 8 thread 4ghz “ryzen 8350”. do you think that would be practical, and would you buy it? I personally like the sound of that, but what do you think?
  9. YourCrush1234

    New Build for gaming

    And AMD has higher core and thread counts, and with all there processors being unlocked, and auto overclocking, it allows you to use higher frequency ram while having cpu speeds higher than what it says on the box. There is no reason not to go amd these days.
  10. YourCrush1234

    New Build for gaming

    Ok so your budget is about $1200 I say so AMD is the way to go these days, because they preform similarly to intel and are cheaper, plus the zen 2 architecture is gonna be even better. I say r5 2600 or r7 2700. I assume you want to play more graphically demanding games, so yeah gtx 2060 or 1070 ti. 1080 is gonna be hard to fit In your budget and you’ll have to make sacrifices.
  11. YourCrush1234

    New Build for gaming

    ok So I have a few ideas . R5 2600 . 1070ti . 16gb RAM (3000 MHz) . 250 - 500gb nvme ssd . 1tb hdd . 650-700w psu . Good air cooler
  12. YourCrush1234

    ROM help

    Ok so i am downloading a ROM game (street fighter 2 champion) and it needs to play on MAME. i have an emulator that has that (retroarch) but it has MAME 2000 , MAMA 2003, etc etc which should i use???
  13. YourCrush1234

    Gtx 970 - fx 8350

    I’m hoping to get it used, as I have had good experiences getting used stuff. I hope anywhere from $60-$130
  14. YourCrush1234

    GTX 1050ti 4g vs RX 570 4gb vs RX 580 4gb

    Um, I don’t think rx 570’s cost $300... but I would definitely go rx 570 over 1050 ti. They are both similarly priced and 570 has better performance
  15. YourCrush1234

    Gtx 970 - fx 8350

    If you took a second to look, I’m just looking to upgrade the rx560 to a gtx 970