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  1. R5 2600 6C/12T $120 R5 3500X 6C/6T $150 My current GPU is RX 580, which one should I get? Should I get the 7nm (but only 6 thread) R5 3500X? P.S. Both are brand new
  2. Yeah the difference is only ~10fps, I'll OC the 570.
  3. In my situation right now: RX 570 4GB $80 RX 580 4GB $110 Both are Sapphire Nitro+ model. Should I get the RX 580 or save the $30? Because I can use that $30 to upgrade my ram from 8gb to 16gb. P.S. My current CPU is R3 2200G
  4. Very informative, so this means there is no way for me to use it on PC? Or maybe I can buy this "PC Headset" head separately?
  5. I've tried to insert my mic's 3.5mm jack cable to my audio in port (the red one), it's detected by windows, but won't pickup sound/voices.
  6. But I have 2 cables now, one from my headphone (SHP9500) and one from this mic
  7. So I accidentally bought a $10 clip on mic which is only usable on phone (as the seller said) as I thought it can be used on PC because it's using 3.5mm jack. Is there any way for me to use this mic on my PC? Perhaps some extension or something?
  8. Yeah I don't really like 60% board too, TKL is the one for me. But TKL keyboards don't have much customization options, for example, I can't find any wooden TKL cases, not even plastic TKL cases.
  9. Guess I'll get a custom GK64 keyboard off AliExpress, what do you think of them?