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  1. i have the speedfan software already installed, just got no idea how to use it
  2. i put a custom fan curve on my gpu now, it still happnes, starting to believe it may be my case fans, how can i set a curve on those?
  3. So my pc is roughly 1 or 2 years old now, every single part was brand new. When I'm playing certain games like Forza Horizon 4 and some other games my fan speed goes up and down, the fan speed shoots up when it hits 80c and then goes back down to a normal rpm after like 5 seconds, my GPU hovers around 78-79 on games with good graphics like FH4. I have an RTX 2080, I have also got 3 intake fans, so enough air is getting to the card. I just want to know if I can stop the rpm fluctuating since it is getting fairly annoying now. sorry if the description is bad, i not good at stuff like this.
  4. it doesnt need a bios update, the last update was 4 years ago, guess its just the weather
  5. i believe it was the weather since it was really hot in my room at that time, i closed my blinds and cooled my room down hasnt occurred since, but ill update my bios if it needs to tomorrow
  6. this may be a dumb question but where do i check for a bios update?
  7. Since its getting hotting my pc will be getting hotter but for some reason my fans rev up then go back down, is there a way i can control them and stop them ramping up, my cpu is at 40c and my gpu is at 70c as it always is
  8. ok i will buy one soon and try to get it to work, thanks!
  9. sorry if this is wrong, but what if i just put the dp to the gpu and the hdmi to the monitor, thats how i got my old monitor working like 2 years ago
  10. oh ok, and i recently just put all my wires in trunking....well thanks for telling me ill get one soon
  11. Im pretty sure ive plugged in something wrong but i used a DP to HDMI cable i had, hoping it to work yet it doesnt, i just want to know if it needs to be dp to dp or ive plugged it in the wrong way, i have th edp plugged into my monitor and the hdmi into my gpu (rtx 2080)
  12. what should i oc my cpu to then? i have a h100iv2 as a cooler