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  1. Since the prices of both CPUs are same in my region i'm not sure which one to choose. More cores or better fps in gaming? I have rx 5700 oc
  2. i was installing a game and other stuff at the same time, i5 8400 isn't really great for heavy multitasking tho and no it's not external gpu on laptop. it's proper pc let's hope it's not mobo's fault (msi-h310 vh pro)
  3. some ss note: i didn't touched anything on pulse rx 5700. i use afterburner for stats only
  4. i'm planning on to buy a wifi adaptor some says 2dbi some 4dbi and some 5dbi? which one is good?
  5. Rx 5700 sapphire pulse too thicc for my msi h310, i can't install PCI-E wifi adaptor in it. Any solution. I trimmed down spiky pcb on wifi adaptor and forced it inside but it's not really working well. I tried cheap usb wifi adaptor before the range was awful. Any solutions?
  6. lets just say i want to use numpad + - buttons for volume adjustments how can i make it happen?
  7. My pc table is 50 inch × 26 inch, height 30 inch. Is 32" too big for it?
  8. Can anyone confirm if you can assign those extra G keys in corsair k55 to open applications such as chrome etc etc?
  9. nitro+ isn't available in my region yet
  10. sapphire one is 16$ cheaper all thought the gigabyte looks cooler with three fans sapphire 441$ gigabyte rx 5700 oc - 457$
  11. note: i'm a claw gamer 1) HP OMEN X9000 Wired 8200DPI 6-Button Gaming Mouse with Elite Precision and Customized Control Black (J6N88AA) 2) Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra Fast FPS Gaming Mouse 3) Redragon Invader M719 Wired USB Gaming Mouse-10000 DPI 4) Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma 16000DPI 12 Button Gaming Mouse, Pixart PMW3389 Sensor, Adjustable Weights, Spectra RGB with Software 5) Redgear X12 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse with Avago Sensor 6) HP OMEN 400 Gaming Mouse with 6 Customizable Buttons 5000DPI & 10M clicks Durability
  12. the fps isn't the problem, its not like after market will put some kind of magic in performance even noise isn't a big issue since you wont be always playing games but the temperature is what i'm most concerned about. since gamer nexus showed how hot reference cards run. its really scary. you cant risk your card failing because of temps and with time this problem is going to be worse.