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  1. Inelastic

    Thermaltake 9 port tt sync controller

    I run 8 fans off of one with no issue. The amount of current draw of 9 fans isn't going to be anywhere near where you have to worry about the cables or anything and that controller is designed for 9 fans. It's possible it's referring to something specific with the controllers that come with the fans. You won't have any issues with what you want to do.
  2. Inelastic

    Does anyone still have disc drives in their pcs?

    I have an external blue ray burner that's turned off most of the time.
  3. Inelastic

    RGB controllers

    WS2912B standard is the most common addressable rgb strips around and they're 3 pins; 5 volt, data, ground. 12v grb is analog and I'm not talking about that type.
  4. Inelastic

    RGB controllers

    Ok, I take it back. I just looked at their lighting node. It looks like they have a new design that only uses 3 pins. So, you might be able to.
  5. Inelastic

    RGB controllers

    Probably. The Corsair lighting node uses addressable rgb strips that are custom made so they can chain them together; they add a data out.
  6. Inelastic

    Help Me Pick a LARGE Monitor Please

    I agree you should look into a tv instead. What do you currently use, size and resolution? A 43-inch tv at 4k will be similar PPI to a 21-inch 1080p monitor so it'll be like having 4 21-inch monitors at 1080p resolution. If you're used to that PPI, then it'll all translate the same; with the size of your icons, text, and programs. If you're used to something more like a 24-inch 1080p monitor, then with a 43-inch 4k panel everything will look smaller unless you use that Windows scaling feature. Personally, I went from two 24-inch 1080p monitors to a 49-inch 4k tv which is kind of like having 4x 24-inch 1080p monitors without the bezels. I use it for research so I'll have several programs open at once and just spread them out so I can look at them all without having to alt tab. As far as screen tearing goes, I think that's more dependent on the software side of things. Input lag is always larger, but most tvs nowadays have game/pc modes which reduce it low enough to be perfectly fine for work. For eyestrain, it depends on how you use it. I don't try to view the entire screen at once, but only focus in on the stuff I'm working on so eyestrain isn't anymore than with what I had before since the text and everything is about the same size as it was before. I also turned down the brightness since tvs tend to be brighter.
  7. Inelastic

    Monitor resolution on Nintendo Switch

    That might be hard. Your tv has will upscale the 1080p video to 4K, but your monitor won't That's why it looks sharper on your tv. The Switch outputs at 1080p so I doubt it will do any upscaling itself so the image is just blown up to fit. You could probably find an upscaler off Amazon. I did read somewhere about someone using their Xbox One X to upscale the Switch to 4k.
  8. Inelastic

    New to RGB modding

    The Corsair Commando Pro is an addressable hub, so if your strip is of the analog style then it won't work. You could buy a strip from Corsair or get an addressable strip (WS2812B) and follow this forum post. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=168504 That would be your best bet since other methods would require you to use something like an Arduino and write all the code yourself.
  9. Well, there was that time not too long ago when everyone was outraged about Facebook when it was found out how easy it was for 3rd parties to pull user data from them. The Senate even questioned Zuckerberg about it. But then a week later everyone forgot about it and kept using Facebook.
  10. I've been using one with my fans. It's 9 fans split into 3 channels. Each channel has its own speed control that can be plugged into a mobo header. The 3 fans on a single channel will have its speed controlled identically. The lighting is controlled by one source, so each channel will be identical to the other. That means that fan port 1 on channel 1 will be the same as fan port 1 on channel 2, etc. If you want, you can plug all three fan controllers into one header, controlling all 9 fans off the single header, since it doesn't actually draw from it to power the fans.
  11. Inelastic

    Netflix removing shows

    That happened to lots of Fox shows on Netflix. Fox decided not to renew with Netflix and go to Hulu.
  12. Inelastic

    Project Fi Expands Its Reach

    I've been using Fi for over two years now. It's been great. I only use around 500 megs/month since I'm always at a place with wifi so my bill is under 30 bucks/month.
  13. Last Steelseries product I had was a WoW MMO mouse back in the late 2000s. When the Santa Ana winds picked up (think high and dry winds), the mouse would shock me (static electricity) and cause the leds to flash. It wound up frying the usb port that it was connected to.
  14. Inelastic

    Lab Grown Meat gets closer to see consumer plates

    I'm fine with it just so long as it doesn't taste like despair.
  15. Inelastic

    A-RGB to RGB?

    Your mobo supports the 12V analog rgb style and your fans are the digital 5v style. They run off different voltages and have totally different styles of control. I've never seen any converters available for that. I'm not sure about your controller though. You'll have to be more specific about what controller it is. If it's the Cooler Master argb controller made for those fans, then you might need this cable. http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cooling-rgb-accessories/argb-1-to-3-splitter-cable/