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  1. @JZStudios i have Office 365 anyway! and i'm still using other programs to do the job
  2. Sad indeed, I'm not asking anyone to do any work, just asking for opinion or sharing useful info
  3. 1. does not matter when what's matter how it looks/feels 2.new app! they need to support well to have a chance 3.don't believe so, this happens with all my email on different PCs
  4. Why Microsoft app can't look a bit like this, clear/modern
  5. you can't open the Calendar from here, you can only open an event or add new one!
  6. They have the resources to do it better and integrate with windows for example: add a reminder to read a PDF with a link to that PDF (without uploading it)
  7. yeah, but it's far from perfect. 1. design from 2010 2. don't sync with Microsoft Tasks!!!!!!!!!! Why! 3.when I get an email and press Delete, it takes a lot of time to really delete it from my email, and I still get a notification on my mobile after pressing delete
  8. The most basic programs in windows are unreliable, Calendar, Email, and Notes/Todolist. Why!!! (Search and File explorer as well) currently using Calendar: Google Calendar (chrome) Email: Mozilla Thunderbird (not recommended) Notes/Todolist: Dropbox Paper/Microsoft Tasks
  9. many times I want to share something with people to get feedback on an idea or project... but I have no friends online to spread the word! forums don't allow you to share links, I tried quora but only got 2-3 replies! Anyone can help! not helpful answers: Quora, Reddit