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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Asus maximums iv extereme
  • RAM
    G.Skill 2400-CL10 16G
  • GPU
    EVGA 780TI Classified
  • Case
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    2-Agility3 2-840EVO 2-WD black
  • PSU
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    Benq 240XL
  • Cooling
    380i 1-triple 1-dual 1-single rad
  1. I would like to have the MATX version, i want to do some modification to put actual fish in them.
  2. if you are running in SLI make use the bridge is connected properly and make sure you pluged your HDMI in to the first graphic card.
  3. MrPanda

    Sound Card

    Vocal music and CS LOLL
  4. MrPanda

    Sound Card

    Simple question which one would you get Schiit's ( Vali&loki), or a Asus Xonar Essence STX. Using it with HD598
  5. i just top up the res make sure no air can go in to the system when i move it Put the seat belt on for the computer and you good.
  6. Alright guys i got the HD598 the difference is real The sound stage compared to the QC15 is crazy. Just by listening to music everything feels light and inside of your head. I can stand behind the HD598 if you want a good sound stage headphone.
  7. thank you guys for your help Im going to go for a AD900X when they are in stock if not, then im going to get the HD598 and yes i do have a ATR2500 as my dedicated mic.
  8. Im looking to buy a headphone for gaming only cs. as you know cs players really need a good headphone, im currently using Qc15 (Please dont say Bose is shit unless you own them for at least few month). Right know im deciding which one i should get, the AKG 701 or HD598 and the AD900x as the tittle says which Headphone has the better sound stage/Accurate . I personally dont own any open headphone so i dont know how a good sound stage should sound like. Im going to run the headphones on my motherboard(maximums extreme vi) alone. Thank you
  9. I have the note 3, and i would chose the ONE for the Boom Sound and the battery life
  10. yeah speaker cable. put it close to the speaker end not the pc
  11. well you just have to win more to rank up if you dont carry the team.
  12. sometime you just have to carry, play like you would play by your self if you have a troll team focus on what you do not them. try to land every shot on the head. For you to rank up doesn't matter how many round you win you have to be able to come up to the top. im badged i use my friends account to play with my noob friends. My friends are all 4 star and we won 3 rounds in a roll i rank up twice while they stayed the same because i carried. When you team sucks play by your self dont talk to them keep an eye on where they died and you will rank up.
  13. If you can play cs you basically can play any shooting game
  14. put the res higher than your pump and i think you are having problem with the 240 in the front with the black ice. you might want to consider exchange it to a black ice http://products.ncix.com/detail/black-ice-gts-stealth-240-83-80199.htm the tubing process can be much easier.
  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferrite_bead yeah that