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    Nabalazs reacted to kameshss in Rare picture of Linus trying to be seductive   
    This is where you should put Linus's memes.
    You don't have to create a separate thread for this.
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    Nabalazs reacted to ixi_your_face in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    I made a post like this a while ago, don't know where it went though. 
    So, here's the one i made for that

    And another i made recently for another forum thread.

    Thanks, Linus. For dissing me on the livestream! I did forget to say that the top one was pretty terrible though
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    Nabalazs got a reaction from emilsmazais01 in Rare picture of Linus trying to be seductive   
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    Nabalazs reacted to soaringchicken in Post your meetup photos + videos here   
    This my meetup photo.

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    Nabalazs reacted to ThatCoolBlueKidd in What would you do with $40   
    Could buy me a windows license. 
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    Nabalazs got a reaction from Chasing Cornfields in The MOST Compact Gaming PC - Titan X & 18 Core Xeon in a Shoebox   
    Sooooo... Um.... Wow. I have no words.
    That tiny thing is awesome. Of course a 5820x or a 4790k would be better. (Duh cpt obvious)
    Aaaand 16Gig ram. (Again, cpt obvious)
    But I always eyeballed with compact systems, and this just gave me a Kreygasm.
    And as far as I could tell from your reactions, temps were also not only acceptable, but actually good? Hot diggidy!!
    But you didn't mentions acoustics. Was it louder due to the lack of rubber dampeners?
    And did you end up using that noctua fan? Where did it even fit?
    Oh, and chat! Would you recommend such a compact build as a first ever pc build? I mean, is it more complicated than a normal midtower case to work in?
    Or just in general. Is the compactness worth it over possible higher temps, if I don't intend on pushing it to the limits?
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    Nabalazs reacted to LinusTech in Channel super fun dead?   
    It is NOT dead. We have been plagued by injuries, vacations, and sickness for a couple months.
    When Taran is back I guarantee CSF will come back stronger than ever.
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    Nabalazs reacted to Aniallation in HTC One (M8) video out capability, and what cable do i need   
    Welcome to Linus Tech Tips!
    You'll just need a normal 5-pin MHL adapter. Brand and proprietary stuff won't matter with the M8. It only does with Samsung
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    Nabalazs reacted to rudolf895 in HTC One M8 Review & DUAL PHONE GIVEAWAY!   
    The speakers <3 
    Boom f'kng sound is awesome!!
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    Nabalazs reacted to LLeWoJ in HTC One M8 Review & DUAL PHONE GIVEAWAY!   
    Dying to get this phone, I have the M7, but the M8 just blows it away with much better build quality, whats got me stoked especially is the battery life, great job to HTC!
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    Nabalazs reacted to helping in Cooler Master JAS Mini Sponsored Post   
    Do people actually use devices like these often enough? (to anyone that might use a stand)
    The way I see it, hands usually do a better job unless you're trying to watch a movie or something, but even then why on an iPad or smartphone 
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    Nabalazs reacted to LinusTech in Cooler Master JAS Mini Sponsored Post   
    I see lots of people put their phones on their desks at work (for example)
    This will allow you to more easily see incoming messages (just an example) and keep the back of the phone protected with the rubberized coating on the stand (versus laying it down flat on a table)
    It's not for everyone, but we find the super handy.
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    Nabalazs reacted to XI1stIX in HTC One M8 Review & DUAL PHONE GIVEAWAY!   
    i like how it tastes!
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    Nabalazs reacted to NachoLZ in HTC One M8 Review & DUAL PHONE GIVEAWAY!   
    off-topic: Hi, first post hehe, thinking about staying here so, hi again
    My favourite feature of the HTC One M8 is the dual-cameras (I can readjust focus, depth, etc) because I take MANY pictures on the go.
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    Nabalazs reacted to Jvagle875 in HTC One M8 Review & DUAL PHONE GIVEAWAY!   
    Free phone!