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  1. I can't remember if Jay or Linus talked about it on a podcast before, but one of them planned to introduce their kids to old consoles first. And I found it such a genius idea. Let them start learning from the bottom, and aprechiate the evolving tech a little. Though maybe I wouldnt give my beloved game boy to a toddler. I'm not so sure about giving them any modern handheld either, because I dont trust them not to damage it too soon. Even though I got my gameboy at the age of 6, and I didnt break it. I guess depends on how careful you taught them to be. (is it showing that I dont spend time around kids much?) Consoles often bring some family fun, so I wouldnt put one in their room either. It would be the family fun machine. And the manchild I am, I'd play more on it than them. To answer your question, yeah I'd just give them a personal computer insthead of a console. And buy a console for the family.
  2. Game Boy Advance (the worse backlit one) Game Boy Advance (the proper backlit one) DSLite Switch Not too hardcore on consoles. Though I aprechiate them more and more. If the PS5 is back compatible, I'm buying one day 1, just for those sweet ps4 exclusives
  3. Thanks for the giveaway guys! I'd like a new keyboard, because I'm running a Logi K360, which is while a very functional keyboard, for extensive amounts of text typing and generally gaming, not so much. And I like LEDs. They are shiny.
  4. I have an aging Samsung hard drive. It does do it's job, but an SSD would be... let's see... over 9000% faster. Oh and, everyone should have an SSD, because I'm going nuts by clicking HDDs.
  5. Obviously the size of this thing is breathtaking. But more importantly for me, the M.2 SSD, and the GPU. Like, DAMMIT that box literally has more horsepower than my desktop PC. So yeah. I would be my new computer.
  6. I'd recommend the EUROCOM Shark 4. HardwareCanucks showed it off recently, and it got my attention. Basically what you need, maybe a little thicker than what you'd feel confortable taking to school, but make a judgement yourself. http://www.eurocom.com/ec/configure(1,275,0)ec EDIT: Someone just suggested the ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS71, and it also seems pretty dam good. Though I've never heared of it, so I cant actually tell whats up.
  7. The way I take photos, its selective focus. Definetly.
  8. Sooooo... Um.... Wow. I have no words. That tiny thing is awesome. Of course a 5820x or a 4790k would be better. (Duh cpt obvious) Aaaand 16Gig ram. (Again, cpt obvious) But I always eyeballed with compact systems, and this just gave me a Kreygasm. And as far as I could tell from your reactions, temps were also not only acceptable, but actually good? Hot diggidy!! But you didn't mentions acoustics. Was it louder due to the lack of rubber dampeners? And did you end up using that noctua fan? Where did it even fit? Oh, and chat! Would you recommend such a compact build as a first ever pc build? I mean, is it more complicated than a normal midtower case to work in? Or just in general. Is the compactness worth it over possible higher temps, if I don't intend on pushing it to the limits?
  9. I'm rocking with a dual cote HT CPU. I find it enough, even though I'm a tab whore, but it just barely handles it. (and maybe ram speeds play in it too) I consider quad core a necesseity nowdays. Averedge Joe will have a long lasting PC with it. But I'm getting into 3D modelling, and I tend to stream and game, so I think I could make use of 6 cores. I thing 6 is THE sweet spot. Maybe 6core HT? Anyone?
  10. Nabalazs


    Most often, when you hear the word crowded, you either think about GPUs suffocating each other, or unmanaged cables. But since I have none of those, life throws me somthing else to scratch my head about. My USB hub. Now, you could say, I could just plug some stuff innto my front ports. But its a little more complicated than that, I wont go into it. Just something I tought I'd share
  11. Need it? No. Overkill? Naaahhhh... Want it? YUSSS! I mean, 5k maxed out, AND playable? Sign me up!
  12. Dayum! That giveaway! You guys are... Wow... Love you! SO: Username: Nabalazs I liked this: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy and this: https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf (because its all about that space, 'bout that space. More storage!
  13. This is the perfect grandma computer. TThanksfor the giveaway
  14. Thanks for the opportunity guys! What would I do with it? Well, since I have been buying presents like crazy for my family i can't really afford the PC parts I want, but i think at the end of january I'd probably buy a motherboard and the new pc case to run this bad boy I'd be using it for video editing, since I make "ads" for my school.
  15. Yey! New giveaway! My fav item in this bundle is the power supply. 750w is plenty for most people, including me, and the fact that it's silent is awesome
  16. Hi. I've benn playing games on my phone constantly, watching content I downloaded on it, and sometimes I want to go big, and do it on the TV. So I figured I'd get an MHL cable. But the problem is, I found there are these 'amount of pins' or something, but someone already told me, that it only matters on Samsung phones. Oooookay then... Then there is power. There are cables, which have a USB power, and some that dont, making themselves like an on the go cable. So which one should be used with the M8? If it doesnt matter that much, then I'd ask your opinion about this cable: http://www.amazon.com/Importer520-Adapter-Samsung-Galaxy-MHL-enabled/dp/B00HS5DHWS/ref=pd_sim_pc_9?ie=UTF8&refRID=17V2WN4D5MF4AMGJ6G78 I've seen this in old youtube videos, where this HDMI phones were big things, but is it actually good? Or 'still' good? And just a little thing: If I were to buy the one with the power, would I need a whole wall of power, or can I just plug that end in the TV' usb port?. (because, TV's USB gives some power. right?) Thanks for the answers in advanced PS.: Not sure if this question classifies as mobile phones or mobile gaming, so please forgive me, if I posted this in the wrong place.
  17. Thanks for the opportunity Linus and zotac Both cards look AWESOME! Though I'm a minimalist guy, so I better like the omega, but if I happen to win the extreme one, I wont be salty either
  18. As everyone knows, Linus has this huge giveaway, and since they couldnt do it on the wan show, I dont know where else to check. And since I'm pretty unfamiliar with how forums work, I dont even know if I'm supposed to have a notification on the upper right corner of that little guy in the speach bubble, or maybe that mail looking icon should blink, OR WHAT? Can someone please give a link, or maybe have they not drawen it yet? Also, sorry for the rambling and what not, but English is not my first language, I'm excited, and a bit frustrated, and overall not the man of worlds
  19. Great job Linus media group! Let's quad SLI that number MY STORY: Like 1.5 years ago, my parents got me a pc. I liked it, but I wanted to know what drives it. But I had no idea how to figure out! So.... GOOGLE TIME! Got my specs, but I still wasn't happy. I wanted to know how it does compared to flagship stuff. And there came.... Well... Actually Logan from TEK SYNDICATE with his gpu and mobo reviews BUT(T)! Then I wanted to know how to BUILD a PC... And there came... Paul's video on Newegg about how to build a PC... LOL. But after! I found your how to build a PC guide too I was into your channel with those frequent reviews, so I subbed. Later on, I also found out about JayZ, Logan, Paul, NCIX, Barnacules... Etc... And that's the story of how I bacome a ner... Ummm I mean... A FAN OF YOUR CHANNEL! <3 Keep up the good work, and I wish you a lot good! <3 PS.: Don't forget to appreciate Brandon (Luke gets the joke)
  20. When I was looking for One M8 reviews on YT, I found that a lot of people frefered the ONE MAX over the M8, due to its size and its usability. Are you excited about a flagship tablet from HTC? Source: http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_one_max_rumored_to_have_snapdragon_805_chip-news-9305.php
  21. I came to the point in my life when I want a flat LCD tv. After I got it, I remembered that phones now days are able to output video. SO! Can the one m8 do that too? (I mean, I'm 99% sure it can, but) I can't find any proof of that, a review or something. Also, I found people having problems with 5 and 11 pin stuff. Do I have to keep an eye on it, or are they just doing something bad? AND also... Ordering online is not an option for me. I only can get stuff from MediaMarkt. So. I didn't really look around, but I know that there are quite a bunch of off branded cables, and I'm not sure if they even have a micro usb power plug on them. Can you give tips on what do I have to look for mostly? Oh, and one I looked at had a derp Nokia phone and a tv on it (probably indicating that it's for my purposes), but I couldn't see a power plug, and I'm not sure that it looked like a micro usb. It was a tad smaller. Ps.: it's my first post on the forums YEY
  22. My fav video from Jay is when he was raging because of the gtx titan. I saw a lot of people put it here, and I was like: they are right. That's the vid I chose for Jay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJfICfX Linus, I can't chose between your vids really, so I'll put the one here that gave the most of that "oh, I didn't know that" face.
  23. My fav thing is those speakers! I can imagine how they might sound! I'm really happy to see that ASUS still includeing good speakers on their gaming laptops. Though most people will use headsets, it just feels good to play causaaly with the built in ones
  24. I really apprishiate the amped up speaker. Though it wont be the phone I'll watchmovies on, I can just put in down, and let it play the music out loud. (but that camera is really appealing too!)