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  1. I have just checked with my splitter and it’s the same, it’s not locking into place, once it’s in, a small pull removed it from the connector. is this how it’s suppose to be?
  2. Is this one suppose to click into place or just slide in?
  3. Hi again, an update. So my case fans connected to CHA_FAN1 and 2 fine, looks like it locked in place and can’t be pulled out easily. It seems that the Kraken x73 wire that connects to CPU_FAN doesn’t properly lock? I’ve tried to connect it to other fan connectors and it’s the same. I am positive I am putting it in the correct way as this is the only way where it goes into the connector. Any help please?
  4. Thank you for the reply. Hopefully the splitter I purchased and the setup I have in mind runs well and I have no issues. I’ll put another reply here if I have anymore questions along with how it goes when it’s all connected and setup.
  5. Oh right, I was reading up and thought some connectors make fans run at 100%. Maybe that’s only if it’s connected to the PSU molex cables?
  6. Are case fans speed based on task? Or do they always run at 100%?
  7. Great. Will the Kraken run at 100% of the time with this setup? Or will it be based on the task? More heat = faster fans etc?
  8. I have purchased the splitter. How would this setup be and would it work? 3 front case fans > CHA_FAN2 1 back case fans > CHA_FAN1 Kraken x73 pump cable > CPU_FAN Kraken x73 3 fans into splitter > CPU_OPT Would that work?
  9. Did I post the correct splitter link that I need?
  10. Anyone? Sorry for being impatient, I just really want to finish my build.
  11. I just realized I still need to plug in my back case fan (I thought it was chained together with the front 3 case fans), it is now connected to CHA_FAN1 which leaves me with the following connectors: 1 M.2_FAN 1 CPU_FAN 1 CPU_OPT 1 W_PUMP+ 1 AIO_PUMP 1 5-pin EXT_FAN Should I get a splitter? Link posted above, or do I have sufficient connectors here I can use for the Kraken x73?
  12. Would this be the correct pwm splitter? Just curious. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NW4PVMC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Q0q3EbJGHB6FS Also what is M.2_FAN and W_PUMP+ used for? Can fans not connect to them also?
  13. It says if I use AIO_PUMP, I need to disable fan-fail warning in the bios. What would be the recommended connectors to use on the motherboard for the fans? Any?
  14. Would this work? Kraken x73 pump cable > CPU_FAN Kraken x73 fan 1 > CPU_OPT Kraken x73 fan 2 > CHA_FAN1 Kraken x73 fan 3 > M.2_FAN Will the fans also be controlled and not run at 100% all of the time? Not sure what to do here, I don’t get why they got they changed the way fans connected with the x73