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  1. I'm looking for a dashcam that will save to a NAS when I park my car (i.e when I'm in wifi range). The ones available in my local stores don't do this. Using dashcam both for security and to capture the beautiful fog on my drive so a good quality camera would be helpful.
  2. GPU and CPU WUs are arriving about once per day, meaning I'm idle most of the time. I assume the global queue hasn't been emptied. Running 5820K and gtx 1080, considering adding 2 VEGA64s. Really need to heat my house! Is there anything I can do to summon more WUs? My preferences are set to accept any jobs. logs are a lot of this: 10:27:33:WARNING:WU01:FS01:Failed to get assignment from '': No WUs available for this configuration 10:27:33:ERROR:WU01:FS01:Exception: Could not get an assignment
  3. 3200MHz, CL16 across both sticks should work fine. You may even find you can push it a little further. For example I run 4 sticks 2133 CL15 and 2 sticks 2666 CL17, all 8GB, different chip brands (Hynix and something else). They all run together fine at 2666 CL18 (Have not attempted tighter timings).
  4. Maximum kludge method linked, just needs you to write .srt files
  5. Have you checked the temp in BIOS after a cold boot? Eliminates the queries about software and fans (the HS will take time to warm before the effect of the fan is meaningful).
  6. By way of follow up, after removing them to benchmark the other RAM I cannot get the RDIMMs to work anymore. My motherboard (X99 extreme4) technically supports ECC but not RDIMMs. My CPU does not support ECC. After 4+ hours of trying, including a CPU reseat, I conclude getting the RDIMMs to work initially was a huge fluke I should not have questioned. With RDIMMs in use I can memory test (no errors) but partway through loading both Windows and Linux hard crash (at about the point a resolution change occurs) and the RDIMMS get quite warm (not too warm, but warmer than my normal memory). Almost every reasonable and unreasonable permutation of settings has been tried. If I find a solution I'll post it for general interest.
  7. The tests: 7ZIP - at least n=10 sequential/automated runs. 2 dictionary sizes tried. Borderlands 3 - n=10 at 2666, n=6 at 2133 - I used 10 if the numbers started to decline after a few tests (presumably GPU throttle, but very small delta). Settings in graphic Cinebench R15 - n=3 to n=6 The computer 5820k 4GHz, 3.3GHz cache - Does not support ECC GTX1080 The RAM (all dual channel DDR4) - 'reg' - 32GB PC4-2133P-RA0-MB1 R-ECC - nominally 2133GHz, but overclocks to 2666GHz without issue (manages a 1 point CL reduction from the scaled CL with the OC, i.e 18 down to 17) - 'unreg 2133' 32GB SK HYNIX HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF ECC - 'unreg 2666' 16GB Corsair Vengeance 2666MHz C16 CMK16GX4M2A2666C16R - Note despite the smaller size, there was always RAM 'free' beyond the standby caching The results are attached. Seems fairly clear the performance loss borders on undetectable
  8. 5820K does not support ECC and I am talking about registered memory, not ECC.
  9. I've just come by some DDR4 registered RAM. The benchmarks I could find looking at registered RAM were not great - some combination of vague, out of date, or only synthetics. Is there any interest in seeing a comparison of registered vs normal RAM on the X99 platform (4.2Ghz 5820K)? And if I were to pick 2-3 benchmarks which should they be? (Something easy to run but representative of modern software would be preferred). Currently thinking 7zip, a game and Cinebench. Is there a game known to be particularly RAM speed sensitive?
  10. My iodrive used to crash the whole system when its controller chip overheated (90+ degrees). Scrubbed the whole thing, re-flashed firmware, and all good. In my case presumably some housekeeping process ran amok. May be worth considering.
  11. There was an old woman who swallowed a fly....... Allocated time: 3 hours Real time: 5 hours with pending tasks left over Self fives - Took time to plan. Did not need to throw out any tube - Ran system over a sink before connecting in situ. Found one leak Unexpected delays/issues - Missed 1 O-ring on a fitting, cause of leak took ages to find - Watercooled GPU doesn't give display output (but runs GPGPU tasks brilliantly) - Turns out this was a combined OS/UEFI issue with a few reboots required before it correctly assigned the main screen - Tried using only fittings to get from A to B, this was not a good idea Regrets - Should have installed top rad Expected Issues / future projects - It needs more rad space - Pump/reservoir unit is external
  12. Cheapest option, by a substantial margin, was buying second hand cooling loops. Buying 2 used for less than the price of a new loop. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks to all posters, your input was helpful.
  13. Purchased a xiaomi 20000mAh/74Wh battery (PLM06ZM). It can indeed charge and supply at the same time. And has the least annoying lights of any battery I've used in a while. 4 tiny and fairly dim charge LEDs still flash with a brightness that was noticeable at night in a dark room.
  14. Zammin, which store in AUS has them on clearance? I'm in AUS so would be awesome.
  15. Are you potentially looking for a battery powered NUC? Because I am too and currently the pool of options seems pretty small.