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  1. How to prevent android apps from using wifi and cellular data without the vpn symbol on the top? pls help fast
  2. How much fps will I get in World of Tanks with i3-7100 and HD630 graphics?
  3. I built my pc.First it booted up properly and then I came back again then the fan spun for 3 seconds then turned off again.Now it is not switching on. Please help
  4. which is good for performance and overclocking
  5. Which company is the best? Zotac or Asus or Msi
  6. What’s the best gpu list under ₹12000(161 US dollars)?
  7. Can a ASUS GTX 1050ti Phoenix run on 300watt psu.Will it bottleneck my AMD Anthlon 64 x2
  8. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti founders edition
  9. I have an old msi mobo from 2007, can I update the bios? If yes, where can I from?
  10. I have a cheap old pc. How do i make it into server for free?
  11. When will scrapyard war 8 come out?
  12. Most I would recommend you to go with a bigger case. You can even cases for 9 bucks