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  1. so i have a laptop, precisely acer nitro 5 (AN515-51), after i updated my windows to win 10 [2004], my headset mic is not working. by default it switched back to my laptop mic, but it is really bad, i have tried going into sound settings, and have enabled it in privacy. what else might work? thanks
  2. What do you mean by "sata ports are enabled"? Is it a setting in BIOS? I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the hard disk but nothing yet
  3. Hardware acer nitr 5 AN515-51 I started my laptop and showed just a black screen at first, later it showed a no bootable device symbol, i checked bios, my hdd is not being detected. Is there anything i can, i really dont wanna wait till quarantine ends
  4. maybe you have the ram in single channel configuration?
  5. what graphics card do you have? what kind of memory configuration (dual channel single channel)
  6. try re downloading the display drivers, i too had a pink line on my monitor which got fixed so maybe give it a shot
  7. so guys, i wanted to upgrade storage in my laptop (it has a 1tb HDD), but i dont know whats the difference between the wd blue and green, in terms of speed or performance. is it worth the extra 15$? wd blue https://www.amazon.in/Western-Digital-250GB-Internal-S250G2B0B/dp/B073SBV3XX/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=m.2+ssd&qid=1581143994&sr=8-4 wd green https://www.amazon.in/Western-Digital-240GB-Internal-WDS240G2G0B/dp/B078WYS5K6/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=m.2+ssd&qid=1581143994&sr=8-3 i live in india so the prices might be all wierd for other SSDs. thanks!
  8. oh, you need the Microsoft launcher? I didn't know that either. well abort it is. thanks!
  9. so I got a new phone, and was trying to connect it to my pc using microsoft's your phone app, but I can't get them to connect, no troubleshooting available on site helped, so I am reaching out to you guys!
  10. no, that was a previous issue, have corrected it
  11. the performance is not even close to other laptops similarly specd
  12. well, nothing thermal throttles, and I try to close stuff, but still, it performs pretty badly. will getting an ssd better frame rates?
  13. also use something like speedtest.net to check your ping if it is lower than 10ms, means the ping in your games should be good (the game has bad servers), else maybe rplace cables with optical fibres or something