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    Mic setup recommendations

    I'm also looking for a mic setup and decided on this one for close to the same price point Audio technica at2020 with Scarlett 2i2 or scarlett solo to save a bit and maybe put it into a better mic Other accessories are a pop filter and an adjustable mic stand with maybe a shock mount Again, I never got into audio recording and this is my first time getting a setup like this. I decided on this setup after watching some reviews and recommendations. Podcastage has a lot of audio related reviews and tests. Check his channel out to learn more.
  2. wsc2010

    Suggestions for simple wearable

    The ticwatch e is quite a cheap smartwatch for starters. U may also consider hybrid watches if u only care about notifications and the battery last a long time and some cost a lot cheaper than normal smartwatches. Some brands i know for hybrid smartwatch are fossil and garmin. Btw I'm planning to get my first smartwatch as well. Considering the galaxy watch and the skagen falster, or maybe the gear sport which i can get for quite cheap in my country.
  3. First time getting a smartwatch here so don't have any experience on what I really need. Currently using a samsung phone so the apple watch is a out of the list. I have did some research on smartwatches and it came down to samsung and the skagen falster 2 which I love the minimalist look. My justification for the gear sport was because in my country I could get it for almost half the price of the galaxy watch with like 75% of the features of galaxy watch. Plus I'm having trouble cause there aren't a lot comparisons made between these 2. Btw, here's what I kinda care about: Preferably an Always on display A nice design (like the skagen falster) Good battery life (at least 1 day with Aod) And these are not a priority but nice to have: On board storage to store and play music Rotating bezel, or rotating side button Samsung pay (my country does not support others yet) Fitness tracking (not a sporty guy) Sleep tracking (probably charging the watch at night) Receive calls Water resistance Reasonable price (not much higher than the apple watch) Any other suggestions would be nice but the gear sport and galaxy watch are my choices, the skagen falster is nice as well but its running the older chip but then again not sure that the newer chip makes a huge difference imo. Or should I just wait.