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    Not having broken things
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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    ASRock B450M PRO4
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    2x8gb ddr4 vengeance
  • GPU
    MSI armoured rx580 8gb vram gddr5
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    some AOC 74hz and ZOWIE 144hz
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    Razer Blackwidow v2 chroma
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    Razer Mamba Elite
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    HyperX Cloud II
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    Windows 10

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  1. So, I play rainbow a lot and my dad's mate got a code for a rainbow six siege account for free, as he doesn't play PC he gave it to me and i went to play the game on the 2nd account, and it wants me to reinstall the game? but i already have, tried finding existing files and it just basically told me to piss off
  2. GPU: MSI armoured rx 580 (8gb) CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 RAM: 2x8gb ddr4 vengeance PSU: 600W (don't know the name) MOBO: ASRock B450M PRO4
  3. i have no idea why, but whenever i record rainbow on my OBS it looks god awful in the mp4 file, i've looked up setting options and all that but it still just looks awful
  4. i was planning on just getting it from amazon because i have prime, what is a bios update exactly?
  5. i'm in england, im really new to building and upgrading pc's so i don't really understand a lot of this, only added a new graphics card and ram in the past
  6. wdym by 1151, not sure on my PSU and what motherboard would you recommend if the pro is bad? (budget isn't very high)
  7. i'm upgrading my pc's cpu to and i5-9600K from an i5-6400 (for gaming) and i have the ASUS H110M-A motherboard, I was thinking of getting an MSI Z390-A PRO because as far as I know the ASUS H110M-A and the i5-9600K aren't compatible, wondering if this is a good idea or not. My other specs are 2x8gb ddr4 vengeance ram, MSI armoured rx 580 MK1 and a 600W power supply. anyone able to tell me if this is a good idea?
  8. my cpu is always at 100% when i play rainbow six siege whether i have discord and or spotify open at the same time or not. my gpu is an MSI armoured rx 580 and my cpu is an i5-6400 4 core. it's a bad cpu i've heard and im thinking of upgrading but is it normal for me to be at 100%? also, if i do upgrade any suggestions on what i should upgrade to?