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  1. I want to make a dual system build where 1 power supply powers both systems. I currently have a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 Wifi which is ATX sized. I looked at the phanteks enthoo mini XL DS, it fits all my needs except that i need to switch my main MB for a mATX or ITX. Are there any other cases that will fit my needs, or is it better to just switch to a smaller board?
  2. It is working again, sort of, the only thing i notice now is that the playstore freezes/crashes when installing a new app but not an update
  3. how can i load e-mail or social media when i havent installed/configured it because it was the first boot after a reset?
  4. 0, i hope? its slow right after booting after just being reset, no apps when i press the square
  5. i have been using this version(8.0) for at least a good few months without any problem. It seems that it is working again now but it sometimes is still laggy
  6. thanks for your help, at least this will clarify stuff for others
  7. no warranty if the battery is dying it should be fast while plugged in right? this is not the case
  8. format? its a stock version and i have never rooted it before. i am interested and would like to see if it will help tho
  9. Hello all, My sony XA1 started to act up yesterday after it shut down due to my not getting the charger quick enough and i wasnt able to open anything after i booted it again. i havent installed anything in the past week and just used it like i normally would, make calls, whatsapp, reading 9gag/reddit, maps for navigation and thats it. this morning even my alarms didnt go off, so i decided that i probably needed to reset it. even after the reset it is slow and i am not able to open any maps. but sony came with an "ultra stamina" mode, this turns off all apps except the bare phone functions. it is fast again, but i cannot do anything else than calls, sms or take pictures. how can i make my phone normal again? thanks in advance
  10. Ohh but i read something about Ryzen performance plan giving better performance than balanced. which plan do i use? i want max performance
  11. I only got the Ryzen Balanced power plan, will try to download all the drivers again tonight, maybe something went wrong.
  12. I have always had an Intel CPU and only started considering AMD since Ryzen. Yesterday i upgraded to Ryzen and i want to get the most out of it. What are some things that i might have missed? like the power plan for example, i dont have the "Ryzen performance" power plan available, is the normal performance plan the same?. How does Ryzen master work since i dont see the clocks change when trying cinebench, what are the safe values for PPT, TDC and EDC? thanks in advance my specs: CPU: ryzen 7 2700x with the stock cooler MOBO: gigabyte aorus x470 gaming 7 RAM: 16gb compatible hyperx predator 3200mhz sticks GPU: gigabyte 1080ti PSU: Corsair HX850 Storage: samsung 970 evo 500gb, 1TB wd blue
  13. All the ram looks the same and is the same speed but they are 2 different kits. 2* 4gb and 2* 8gb. Bought the 8gb kit later. Tested every stick seperate (didnt test 1* 4gb since i really need 8gb minimum), without any fix I dont get a bsod, dump or anything in the eventviewer. All that happens is the screen freezes, the screen looks corrupt, and the sound becomes loud noise. The crash happens at random times, i can run stress tests without failure but crash while idling in a game for example. I can not find anything to reproduce the error. It happens once or twice a month so checking if its fixed is really waiting and seeing if it crashes again in a month or something. This night was the first night that i could get errors from a stress test. It was with memtest86 wich i tried a few times before without any errors. I got 10k errors in 4 hours with all tests on. But all the errors were on test 6. So i am going to try if i can reproduce the errors so i can finally start to really troubleshoot this mess.
  14. I had crashes obviously wanted to fix them. i asked asus support if the ram i have was kept out of the QVL because of incompatibility or if it just wasnt tested. I got no answer but instead i got an e-mail asking if i can test the ram in a different pc, i couldnt. But this ram came from my previous build and i also bought another set later, all combinations had the crash. Then i got this (see image). I feel like im being pushed away. Is there someone who has an e-mail adress or something of a usefull asus techsupport person? my specs: CPU i7-8700k MB asus z370-e gaming RAM crucial ballistix sport 24gb (2* 8gb & 2* 4gb) GPU gigabyte gaming oc 1080ti SSD samsung 970 evo 500gb