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  1. So I recently have come across a listing for a ps4 days of play slim console. The listing said that the console shows no signs of life when plugged in. I was on another forum that said it could either be the power supply, or the APU chip. The console is 80 dollars, do you guys think that it's just a PSU problem or something worse? And is the console even worth the 80 dollars?
  2. I know, I will just have to buy another MB.
  3. I held down the button for one minute
  4. Yes I unpluged the CMOS battery and the main battery for 24 hrs. The password was still their
  5. I have a lenovo 110s and I forgot the BIOS password, when I enter it wrong three times it gives me a system locked error but no backdoor code. I have disconected all the power sources but it still kept the password. Does anybody know how to get the backdoor password code?
  6. I dont have much info about the video, I just remember a part where Linus walks into a room and one of his employees is on another tab not doing his work. Then Linus says "your fired." If you know what the video is called, please tell me.
  7. Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you guys know where I can get trash picked computers? I live in york pennsylvania so if anyone knows any spots where people throw out computers, then message me.
  8. If you go to page 28 it will explane the header but it does not tell you anything about how to connect it. mans.io-raGOc1f8.pdf
  9. One of my old PCs has a 10 pin usb header on the motherboard and none of the integrated USBs work. Does anyone know where I can find a 10 pin usb to 9 pin usb adapter?
  10. @Razor Blade thanks for the info. Im new here so sorry about that