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  1. but if all of my stuff adds up to 14 amps, it will be safe? Or am I calculating something wrong?
  2. I have a gaming rig with a 650 watt power supply. My (surge protected) power outlet strip's capacity is at 15A 125VAC 1875W. My pc can carry up to 10A 125VAC 1250 Watts. Is this safe enough for my pc? I will also be having my 2.1A 19V monitor plugged into it as well as my 2A 250V Light plugged into the power supply. That leaves out of the 15Amps only 1Amp left to use on the power outlet strip and 85 Watts left out of the 1875. Am I calculating this right? And is this safe?? Please help
  3. Hey guys, I'm confused as to how I can delete something correctly (meaning it's been overwritten and gives me back sufficient space back in my SSD. I know if I just drag something to the recycle bin and then empty the recycle bin it doesn't actually delete it fully. So how do I actually delete something including compressed files.